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RE: Shells - What have you done with them?

I try and pick the best pieces and I leave them to completely dry out before using any of it.

RE: Shells - What have you done with them?

Yes, glass washed up that has been smoothed by the sea and sand, it's surprising how many colours there are..pottery pieces to are good to collect too.

RE: Friendship

Better to have conversations dry up here than via personal emails..that's when things can get really weird..uh oh

RE: Shells - What have you done with them?

I love shells, driftwood too..hence I enjoy beachcoming.
I often use what I collect in my mixed media art work.
Shells in jars for decor, decorate wooden boxes with them too.
Another favourite is beach glass, love collecting that too.

RE: What type of childhood did you have?

Pretty good..but my father was very strict..and my sister was the favourite child...but when it came to caring for my parents, I was there 24/7..not my sister...

RE: Profile Photographs

Maybe they are leading a double life....dunno

RE: lol


RE: It´s all a bit dead in here!'s still dead in here...yawn

RE: What should be your decision!

If they are both of age,then they should marry, it's their life, not their parents....

RE: say something

I can help with a dose of Immodium for the sh*ts..can't help with your whingeing though...laugh

RE: Do you find conversations about death are important but difficult to talk about with people you love

I found it difficult when my mother told me she only had a few weeks left to live because she wouldn't discuss any of her funeral. I think she thought if she didn't discuss them, she wouldn't die. She was 57 at the time.
For my father who later died at the age of 83, he had everything in place and I respected his wishes.
My children will not discuss what will happen when my time is up..what I want is a simple direct cremation and they have been told. In fact it will be out of there hands when my time is up.

RE: What do people do with...

They are the selfish ones..take everything and freeze it, Supermarkets should limit the amount of bread a person can buy when bad weather is forecast.


I like them.. I have some myself, some can be very artistic.

RE: The elderly

I cared for both of my parents because I wanted to.
They looked after me until I left home and helped and supported me after that for a while .
I fully understand there are situations where some are not able to care for their parents because of certain illnesses, that must be heartbreaking situation.

RE: It’s 2018: Why do a lot of people think they need a spouse in ther lives?

You don't need a marriage certificate to be a couple....for some a marriage certificate means "ownership" scold

RE: Favourite TV programmes.

I don't watch a lot of TV..but when I do its for Game of Thrones.Peaky Blinders, just watching a series called Requiem..I also like some Discovery Channels and all programmes by David Attenborough..probably missed some others on my list...roll eyes


Hello..I remember you from before..I was off here for some time too..I was Essjay then..

Not much has changed here really..same folk, some with different names..

RE: Useless facts - No Racism or Politcs please

Eyelash mites..they love mascara...

RE: What will you be doing on Christmas and Boxing day?

Christmas Day with my daughter..we are booked in to a hotel restaurant for Christmas dinner..home afterwards to chill out with a few drinkies.

Boxing Day..utter madness, a lot of the family I do a buffet..busy but hat

RE: Name the worst feeling you ever felt

Losing my son 4 years parent expects to outlive their hurt like hell and still have to live with it, it doesn't get easier with time..with time you learn to live with the hurt never goes away.

RE: Many of you have been hurt by scammers on dating web sites

Sadly scamming is a lucrative business, whether it be on or off line.

RE: If someone you are interested in has a medical issue...

For me it would depend on the severity of the medical condition and what impact that would have to my own health and my relationship with them....I'm not looking to be anyone's carer.

RE: New site changes

All looks great..will be back later to check it out and find my way around..Thanks CS..cheering


I have never really gone deep in to politics..however the NHS is very precious, it caters and provides healthcare for the less well off.The doctors/nurses,in fact everyone that is involved in the NHS work extremely hard...and then along comes Jeremy Hunt..he is the root of all this evil..wanting to bring the NHS to its knees...even co-wrote the book on how to dismantle the NHS.

He should have been sacked when Theresa May took over as prime minister..but he wasn't!

The NHS is ours,not his to do what he want with have already been sold off out through the back door...our ancestors fought and worked hard for us to have the NHS...and why are the NHS staff being bought to book for striking, they are not on strike today, yet today every hospital is short staffed and in some wards are closed, putting patients at risk.

Jeremy Hunt either meets their needs or resigns...he is the root of this problem...not the doctors and nurses...

RE: Who is going to be the next King ?

Charles is next in line to the throne, however I doubt he will take up that honour as many wouldn't want Camilla for a Queen.
Could possibly be Andrew, but I very much doubt that, as for Edward,we hear very little about for me I think it will be William.


The money spent could have been put to better's disgraceful that there are so many cutbacks to essential services, yet Cameron pulled that money out from somewhere...and for what,he is running scared and trying to keep us where many of us don't want to be...


Mine,when it arrives will be addressed and stamped and sent right back to 10 Downing Street!

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