RE: Is any group of people responsible for the loss of fun contributors & thumbsdown in the cs forums?

From around 2004 there has always been some really nasty people that should never be allowed to use the Internet, they are not fondly remembered, there are a couple still here from that time. Many come here for online war but that is what internet is all about and blaming the world for problems, or a country, is wrong because it is purely the people.

I always think of a CSNY song and the words "teach your children well". Most parents failed their kids shortly after world war 2.

RE: What attire would you like to see opposite-gender in?


Any camouflage stuff

RE: Does anyone know if CS removes threads? And want to know what others think of my suggestion..

I would have thought it's still on here and you can't access it, there are profiles of dead people and others not logged in for15 years so l bet it's here. One thing it does say on the site is whatever goes on the internet stays on the internet.

RE: Mutual "Like" but no response after emailing several times. What's wrong with you people?

As you read it in your dyslexic manner, it's like this.

The site does not police itself otherwise scam profiles would not appear.

Many of the scam profiles made on this site are from one man only based in Senegal.

RE: Blast from the past ??

Back in 2006 l think were some really good people but some very nasty ones too, women mostly, since then it's gone down and l have no idea what half of them post about. The strict rules about joining the site are daunting but people can post here rubbish, slander, blasphemy and all manner of stupidity. This is a kind of proof that most are insular and become demons when in front of a keyboard. It is really just a game that they play, as for meeting anyone you must have been blind to think that would happen when you joined. The last rude female was 2 weeks ago and it was her that messaged me because l never ever send first messages, maybe she was the typical old woman that looked for free food and drink because thats all she wanted in return for being rude.

RE: One Hit Wonders

I booked them for an open air concert in 1970 for 500 quid.

RE: scammer ...fakers.... what gives?

Why can you not spot them before you start messaging?

RE: what do you hate?

I was in a private club many years ago and the lady owner was talking to a customer in conversation when the customer said "l hate........", the owner put both hands to her face and said I never use that word, to say that you hate someone is the worst thing you could say.

RE: what do you hate?

Because the animal does not ask to live with us, we choose it.

RE: Fake/Scammers

Loads of dyslexia too.

RE: dog's tail never lies.........................

Yes, their mouth.

RE: Would you go to an event if you knew you would have to set at the same table as your ex and his wife

Not even if I suffered with you.

RE: What is ego in life?

What is ego in life?

What is the ego? Everyone has an ego. There are many definitions of the ego, but to put it simply, it's your sense of personal identity or feelings of self-importance. It helps you to identify your 'uniqueness', to stand up for yourself and to put plans into action.

What about those that have as a child come from nothing but go forward and build companies that are successful, those that help others and never get recognition. Have they big ego's, are they not allowed to feel sense of pride in their lives?.

RE: What do you call a heroin addict in your country?


RE: Bobby Knight gone at 83 today.


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