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I'm interested in your opinion on this69618Aug 2020
Happy3633Jan 2020
Happy Christmas3352Dec 2019
Just been reading Irish girls profiles on here1,70022Jan 2019
Had an inbox1,54429Jan 2019
Blocked by a user1,17916Mar 2019
College educated4622Jan 2019
A very56410Dec 2018
By the looks of it4201Aug 2018
Irish women's profiles7685Aug 2018
Out of interest7729Jan 2018
Wouldn't it be great if cs had a function7887Jun 2017
I said to a girl on here1,39624Jul 2016
I am5791Mar 2016
Hope you had4811Mar 2016
Back4601Jan 2016
Happy4801Dec 2015
Holidays2,09150Aug 2015
Question lads2,64788Jun 2015
question for the ladies86918May 2015
I am5145May 2015
Sundays.....2,79895May 2015
my box is empty1,16924May 2015
you know1,12132May 2015
you wouldnt want to be3,19978Apr 2012
cougars2,47022Feb 2012
ladies of ireland,would you/shag someone with a disability,im asking as someone with a disability3,41165Jan 2012
cougars wats the age limit4,81523Feb 2012
(for the lads) which would you prefer?1,68029Jan 2012
how important is money to you1,50726Jan 2012
are irish women too fussy when it comes to a guys looks,financial status and height2,931107Jan 2012
wat does she mean by up for a laugh1,1617Jan 2012
who plays the mind games and has the hidden agendas1,18813Jan 2012
ladies,which do you prefer7604Jan 2012
ladies of ireland,would you date someone like me who has a physical disability1,1497Jan 2012
Female nature2,28357Nov 2019
women make online dating impossible5,32882Feb 2019
Are Irish Women Ugly?3,51298Jan 2019
Guess What?1,83133Dec 2018
Irish ladies2,59742Apr 2018

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