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Any Irish women?98842Jun 28
This is NOT Ukraine3,197178Mar 14
Things not to give on a first date?1,40186Jul 29
*For the Ladies"80741Jul 30
Another mall shooting..:(66532Jul 18
Are there any European women even on this site?39010Jun 7
Laughter therapy28717Jul 27
Macho Fantastico1080Jul 28
Long queues of lorry's travelling to France.. Putin's fault?69538Jul 26
Ghosted..1,03541Jul 5
Is climate change Putin's fault?44319Jul 19
#MandelaDay28716Jul 18
We would have gotten away with it..1903Jul 16
Happy Eid Y'all741Jul 10
Last Boris post wins..45527Jul 7
Wimbledon 20221,03956Jun 30
What would be your first song?31236Jul 9
Are you an attention seeker?26915Jul 8
4th of July Quiz thread...82642Jul 4
Jubilee celebrations39013Jun 7
Why do you?2939Jun 3
Best of luck to..1901May 29
The struggle continues2849May 24
May 9th Victory Day..1,24961May 9
Free Speech1,61671May 11
**BREAKING NEWS** Putin calls end to special operation!!!63720May 11
Where has the master bloviator gone?1,93148May 1
Proverbs..1,04537May 4
Dating post Covid..1,10056Apr 26
Easter Week..2084Apr 13
Guess that song..1560May 2
Eid Mubarak.2131May 2
The good ole days...1,30851Apr 4
Thoughts and prayers...51925Apr 20
The date was going well, until...1,08144Apr 13
It's my birthday, and I dedicate it..26110Apr 13
Accents can confuse I guess..71465Apr 3
Distant Drums..42019Apr 12
If you believe...45117Apr 2
It's been 9 years..1,37564Apr 8

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