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Cinderella Man Movie

Cinderella Man

fantastic movie...
7600Jul 2015
Withnail I Movie

Withnail & I

hilarious movie...
8381Nov 2013
Office Space Movie

Office Space

yeah funny movie that !! the scene where they...
6781Oct 2013
Up Movie


pixar is awesome. great movie...
1,3562Jan 2013
Greenberg Movie


fantastic movie...
1,6150Oct 2013
The Green Mile Movie

The Green Mile

Beautiful epic movie...
1,1150Oct 2013
Dan in Real Life Movie

Dan in Real Life

great movie. Love Steve Carell...
7870Sep 2013
Flashback Movie


great cast. great movie...
1,0240Aug 2013
Greedy Movie


funny movie. great cast...
6750Aug 2013
Multiplicity Movie


very funny & Michael Keaton is awesome as always...
9210Aug 2013
Seven Pounds Movie

Seven Pounds

Unbelievable content and one of my favorite movies...
1,3577Apr 2009
Network Movie


alot of truth...
6251Jul 2013
Tombstone Movie


Rare all-star cast & great depiction of the old We...
1,2121Oct 2012
Greedy Movie


very funny...
7492Aug 2013
Blast From The Past Movie

Blast From The Past

Beautiful & heart warming...
6770Aug 2013
Man of Steel Movie

Man of Steel

great movie. great cast. looking forward to the se...
5771Jul 2013
Little Miss Sunshine Movie

Little Miss Sunshine

i laugh so hard when i watch this movie...
7761Jun 2013
Waterworld Movie


"I don't know what the big fuss is about. I saw th...
6581Jun 2013
Dances With Wolves Movie

Dances With Wolves

One of the best oscar winning films In the past 30...
6730Jun 2013
Boogie Nights Movie

Boogie Nights

Paul Thomas Anderson is awesome. great cast. fanta...
6151Jun 2013
Evan Almighty Movie

Evan Almighty

i love Steve Carell...
9300May 2013
Rush Hour Trilogy Movie

Rush Hour Trilogy

Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker are a great team...
6840May 2013
Jaws Movie


. . . I was on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland w...
9482May 2013
Phenomenon Movie


great movie...
6210May 2013
Invincible Movie


It was about a man's personal triumph, and his des...
4720Jan 2012
Hotel Rwanda Movie

Hotel Rwanda

heart wrenching...
9320May 2013
7920May 2013
Interview with the Vampire The Vampire Chronicles Movie

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

Enjoyable moderatly tame vampire movie...
1,7014Jul 2011
The Count of Monte Cristo Movie

The Count of Monte Cristo

I read the book, and then I found out that there w...
5841Apr 2013
The Breakfast Club Movie

The Breakfast Club

surprisingly moving...
7710May 2013
Disneys Robin Hood Movie

Disney's Robin Hood

just... magic...
9330Apr 2013
Life of Brian Movie

Life of Brian

Hilarious and Uncompromising...
5850Apr 2013
Unforgiven Movie


really great movie....
7271Apr 2013
Training Day Movie

Training Day

Best good cop / bad cop movie...ever !...
1,3267Mar 2013
independence day Movie

independence day

Definitely one of my favorite movies....
5611Apr 2013
The Cable Guy Movie

The Cable Guy

really funny, hilarious movie. love jim carrey...
5790Apr 2013
Kinsey Movie


great movie...
6280Mar 2013
Silver Linings Playbook Movie

Silver Linings Playbook

She's Jennifer Lawrence. :)...
7965Mar 2013
Taxi Driver Movie

Taxi Driver

awesome movie...
1,1270Mar 2013
Ed Wood Movie

Ed Wood

Really funny!!!!!!!...
6080Jan 2012

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