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Coldplay Speed of Sound Music

Coldplay: Speed of Sound

just beautiful...
7030Feb 2016
Greyson Chance Paparazzi Music

Greyson Chance: Paparazzi

Fantastic video, fantastic voice. the audience rea...
8440May 2015
Union J Carry You Music

Union J: Carry You

from Kickass 2...
7410Nov 2014
Alicia Keys New York Music

Alicia Keys: New York

been listening constantly for 2 days...
6830Feb 2014
1,0411Nov 2013
David Gray Be Mine Music

David Gray -: Be Mine

I love this song very much! Anyway, the whole albu...
1,0351Dec 2013
Keane Bedshaped Music

Keane: Bedshaped

One of my all time favourite songs. Brilliant vide...
1,1961Nov 2013
Neil Young The Loner Music

Neil Young: The Loner

neil young is awesome...
7910Oct 2013
Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Music

Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode

rock & roll muthaf***as!...
5490Oct 2013
7680Oct 2013
Ellis Paul The World Aint Slowin Down Music

Ellis Paul: The World Ain't Slowin' Down

lovely song from Me, Myself, & Irene...
5790Oct 2013
6730Oct 2013
Oh Laura Release Me Music

Oh Laura: Release Me

beautiful song...
5830Oct 2013
pink floyd WISH YOU WHERE HERE Music


Class, roll on 18th sept in Aviva, Dublin...
1,5401Aug 2009
Elton John Tiny Dancer Music

Elton John: Tiny Dancer

lovely song. featured in "Almost Famous"...
6060Sep 2013
Rob Dougan Clubbed To Death Kurayamino Variation Music

Rob Dougan: Clubbed To Death [Kurayamino Variation]

Love this song, it is so dramatic....
7110Aug 2013
1,0311Aug 2013
Don McLean Starry starry night Music

Don McLean: Starry starry night

yes, beautiful song and great painting too....
7731Aug 2013
The Verve This Time Music

The Verve: This Time

just classic... awesome...
5600Jul 2013
7390Jun 2013
6520May 2013
5880May 2013
6320May 2013
David Gray Please Forgive Me Music

David Gray: Please Forgive Me

So lovely and sweet!!...
1,2074Apr 2013
Junior Senior Move Your Feet Music

Junior Senior: Move Your Feet

get down wit da funk!...
6600Mar 2013
7020Feb 2013
Radiohead In Rainbows Music

Radiohead: In Rainbows

Love this album, like all Radiohead songs, my favo...
7041Mar 2009
The Droge and Summers Blend Two of the Lucky Ones Music

The Droge and Summers Blend: Two of the Lucky Ones

I never get tired of hearing this song. It's absol...
4730Jan 2013
Zero 7 In The Waiting Line Music

Zero 7: In The Waiting Line

great song (from the Garden State soundtrack)...
5560Jan 2013
Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall Music

Pink Floyd: Another Brick In The Wall

I love this song: Another Brick In The Wall...
6020Dec 2012
7180Dec 2012
Stevie Wonder Superstition Music

Stevie Wonder: Superstition

check my profile for other music i like......
5740Nov 2012
The Calling Wherever you will go Music

The Calling: Wherever you will go

Brings bk memories, love the song!!!...
1,0503Oct 2012
5630Sep 2012
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Music

Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd's breakthrough album. It spent more tha...
7300Sep 2012
Moneyball Soundtrack Cover NOT Lenka The Show Music

Moneyball Soundtrack (Cover, NOT Lenka): The Show

lovely song from the Moneyball soundtrack...
1,0580Sep 2012
Dido Life for Rent Music

Dido: Life for Rent

Don't know if I really should categorise Dido as a...
7970Aug 2012
6010Aug 2012
Deadeye d*ck New Age Girl Music

Deadeye d*ck: New Age Girl

nice tune. (from Dumb & Dumber)...
6390Aug 2012
Frou Frou Let Go Music

Frou Frou: Let Go

love Garden State...
6640Jul 2012

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