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Would you buy a used ar from Boris Johnson?

He tells it as he sees it....
4741110Feb 2022

Who rules the roost at No 10

Who runs things at no 10. Does Cheryll have him under the thumb?????
499124Feb 2022


This was brought home to me when my neighbor collapsed with a heart attack, although rusty I applied...
6562821Dec 2021

Do you think insanity is endemic amongst women on CS, or are they going trough the change.

I am conducting a poll on what people think...
1,6964127Feb 2020

Do you like your bacon well done??

I like mine well done. how about you????...
1,2775634Oct 2020

who will win the imminent general election in britain

Britain is finally heading for another general election. Boris Johnson's government had been push...
53495Nov 2019

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