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Do not pollute the environment!...

lady_joy23915Mar 201820 hrs ago

Flower Garden

Beautiful little girl in her flower garden...

secretagent09600Jun 22
staryeyed1,185567Feb 2010Jun 20
secretagent091010Jun 18Jun 18
secretagent091710Jun 14Jun 14
secretagent092701Jun 4
secretagent092910May 28May 28

Statue Of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty...

MrRick773600May 23

How Do I Use This Funny Looking Telephone

Downton Abbey telephone I wanted to make a phone call but I couldn't find the instruction book...

secretagent094511May 16May 18
MrRick772700May 16
MrRick773001May 9
MrRick772801May 7
MrRick774301May 5

Do You See Any Side Affects

I got the Covid vaccine today because a family member has cancer and I don't want to bring that pesky Covid bug near him....

secretagent096200May 4
MrRick772800May 2

R.I.P. Oliva Dukakis

Movie star well known for Moonstruck and Steel Magnolias....

secretagent093502May 1
MrRick773400Apr 30
MrRick772301Apr 29
MrRick773200Apr 28
MrRick773200Apr 27
MrRick772600Apr 25
MrRick772500Apr 23
MrRick773800Apr 22
MrRick773100Apr 21

Gustavo Dudamel, another Venezuelan pride

"Gustavo Dudamel, Superstar Conductor, Will Lead Paris Opera" "When Alexander Neef was named the next director of the mighty Paris Opera in 2019, h...

Melody16712500Apr 20
MrRick774600Apr 18
MrRick772700Apr 17
MrRick772800Apr 16
Red cherry hot

Red cherry hot

These looks like a big pair of smoochy moochy red hot lips but it's really a flower......

1_SPCTR5300Apr 12
MrRick772900Apr 10
MrRick774100Apr 9
MrRick773100Apr 6
Which is which

Which is which ?

Velv n her other five Sisters, but which one is which ? haha everybody calls us each other's names but never the right one lol...

1_SPCTR3300Apr 5
secretagent092300Apr 3
MrRick773400Mar 31
MrRick774400Mar 28

R.I.P George Segal

R.I.P George Segal...

MrRick773100Mar 24
MrRick773700Mar 22
MrRick773600Mar 18
In The Wind

In The Wind

Who will catch this in the wind ?...

1_SPCTR3500Mar 18
MrRick774600Mar 16
MrRick776000Mar 11


My Circumstantial Friend...

1_SPCTR5100Mar 8
MrRick774700Mar 7
My new Drums

My new Drums

My new passion.......

1_SPCTR5100Feb 23
MrRick775200Feb 23

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