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Are You Judging or Perceiving Quiz

Are You Judging or Perceiving? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Sep 200932 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Personality Quiz
This quiz is about lifestyle and work habits. Judging and Perceiving are Jungian terms (admittedly confusing) made familiar through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®. There are no right or wrong answers, which to those Judging types may be stressful. You Perceiving types should be quite comfortable with the openness of this quiz! Like all quizzes here, this is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!!!
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1. You are at a cocktail party given by an acquaintance. Shortly after arriving you realize everyone attending has an opposing political, religious and social view to yours. What do you do?
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2. How would your co-workers describe your desk?
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3. When you clean your house (this is assuming you DO in fact clean it), do you
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4. Your supervisor at work is trying to tell you the details of a project but is obviously rambling, spending time on tangential items, and not getting to the main point. What do you do?
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5. In general, are you quick to make decisions or do you like to take time to weigh all your options before deciding?
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6. Again in general, do you usually tackle one task at a time or are you a multi-tasker?
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7. You need to complete a college course for your job. Of these two options which would you prefer?
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8. At work you are on a team to write a high profile report. You get to pick which part of the report to work on. Of the following two choices, which would you choose?
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9. You plan a fabulous beach resort vacation (pretend you LOVE the beach). When you arrive at the resort your itinerary for the week has to be redone because the resort is under construction. You'll still get to do all you planned but you'll have to move around the days and times. How do you respond?
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10. You feel in most control of your life when your calendar is

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