Are You A Demonstrative Lover Quiz

Are You A Demonstrative Lover? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Jan 201034 yrs old, Connecting Singles
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So you think you are – or would be - God’s own gift to a partner: loving, caring, exciting – and expressive to boot! But would your partner agree? Take this fun quiz to find out if how demonstrative a lover you are.
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1. You meet your lover almost every day, and spend a fair amount of time with them. How do you typically greet them?
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2. Your typical day involves a lot of time spent with your lover, in the company of other people. What is the characteristic nature of your interaction?
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3. Your work involves a fair amount of travel, and you need to spend a couple of days at a time away from your lover. How much and in what ways do you stay in touch?
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4. Every couple has special ways of showing each other they care. How do you typically express your love?
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5. You've just had a silly tiff with your lover and want to make up. What typically happens?
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6. It's the anniversary of the day the two of you met - an occasion to celebrate. Which best describes your actions?
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7. Your lover is unwell and it's up to you to take care of them. How do you go about it?
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8. In an unthinking moment, you say something that has hurt your partner no end. How do you deal with the situation?
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9. You've been separated from your lover for a couple of weeks, and you found the absence almost painful. What is your reunion like?
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10. Typically, what is your style of lovemaking?

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