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How to lose weight after 40 Quiz

How to lose weight after 40 Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Sep 200931 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Can it be done? Is that once snappy metabolism now emotionally attached to every calories holding it close to your heart, or unfortunately, your hips? Shall we accept the idea that as we age we are destined, or doomed, to gain weight with each passing year?
How can we avoid this metabolic misfortune? (Remember to ALWAYS visit your physician before you begin or change any diet or exercise plan.)
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1. If you don't change your behaviors, each decade of your life after 30 you are likely to gain 5 pounds.
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2. Reducing your calorie intake is the only way to lose weight after age 40.
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3. The best breakfast to jump start your metabolism is
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4. To lose weight it's best to eat
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5. Aerobic or cardio workouts are the best means of losing weight.
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6. Weight training means you'll gain weight and bulk.
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7. Muscle mass burns more calories at rest, therefore the more muscle you have the more calories you burn.
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8. Weight training is a necessary addition to your work out routine to lose weight after age 40.

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