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Do You Get into the Festive Spirit Quiz

Do You Get into the Festive Spirit? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Oct 200932 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Personality Quiz
Christmas is a time for caring and giving, and many people find that they automatically get into the spirit of the occasion when it arrives. Some people, however, dislike it with a passion, and many would rather lock themselves away until it’s time to bring the New Year in. How do you feel at Christmas? Do you feel full of Festive spirit, or does the mere mention of the word "spirit" just make you want to drink as much as you can? Try this fun quiz and found out the truth about yourself...
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1. Do you plan ahead for Christmas?
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2. Do you like office parties?
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3. Do you treat people better during the festive season?
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4. Do you get involved in charity events at Christmas?
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5. Do you take any chocolates, biscuits, etc., into work to share with your colleagues at Christmas?
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6. Do you buy a real Christmas tree?
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7. Do you put Christmas lights up at the front of your house?
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8. Do you invite any of your family over during the festive season?

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