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How Ethical Are You Quiz

How Ethical Are You? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Mar 201232 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Personality Quiz
How important is it for you to do the right thing? Do you ever compromise your ethics when no one's looking? Can you even tell the difference between right and wrong? Test your ethics with this revealing quiz. (No cheating!)
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1. You're alone in your professor's office and happen to see the final grades for your class on her computer. You've received a D. What do you do?
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2. You find a wallet on the street containing identification, $150 in cash, and credit cards. What do you do?
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3. You take a look at your daily newspaper and discover the section with the crossword puzzle – which you do every day – is missing. Your neighbor must be away for a few days, because there are several newspapers sitting outside her door. What do you do?
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4. You withdraw cash from an ATM and notice that the bills are sticking together, so you got $40 instead of $20. What do you do?
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5. You're going out for the evening with a group of people that includes your friend Kayla and a guy she likes. You like the same guy, but Kayla doesn't know it. She asks you to help her pick out her outfit for the evening. What do you do?
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6. You're signing up to take a very popular class. You see on the sign-up sheet that the class is full and there's a waiting list – but the first person on the waiting list has crossed off her name. What do you do?
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7. You work at a bar where the owner mistreats and underpays the employees. The place does great business and the owner never even bothers to keep track of the earnings each night. At the end of the night, you always close a cash register full of cash that the owner doesn't even know he has yet. Which do you do before you go home at night?
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8. You're alone in your boss's office one day, and notice a payroll file open on her computer. You've always been curious about what everyone else gets paid. What do you do?
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9. You're taking a class in which one of your fellow students constantly asks to borrow your notes. At first you didn't mind, but now you think he's just taking advantage of you, so you don't want to lend him your notes anymore. What do you do?
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10. You're walking down the street with three friends when someone yells that his dog has been hit by a car. One of your friends runs into traffic to rescue the dog, another tries to care for its injuries, while the third tries to get help. The dog survives, and the owner offers you all a reward for your bravery. You know you didn't do anything to help. What do you do?

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