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created by LifeThirst on Nov 22, 2012 45 yrs old, Kolkata India
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Dose intelligence turns you on and / or do you think you are intelligent? Whatever, you can take this quiz to measure your real intelligence-level and if you recently found someone from this site, also request him / her to take this quiz; if his / her score comes near your score then at least you can be sure that he / she has somewhat same chemistry like you! However, honesty in a relationship should be counted as a constant & that is out the of scope of this quiz! :-D

So to define intelligence we can say intelligence = cleverness + knowledge + wit + wisdom. Unlike other quizzes, in this quiz, while answering some of the questions you have to consider the answers to other questions in order to provide the correct one.

A request: Please take this quiz when you have no hurry & not tired!
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1. So...???

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