Most Common Scams

These are the most common scams.


Cam Girls

Scammer sends you a link to a website to view nude photos of them, when you get there, they will ask for your credit card and they will gather information about you or give you viruses.


Lottery Scam

Scammer tells you you've won a lottery and asks you to give your personal information and that you need to pay them for fees to collect your winnings.


Sending you gifts

Scammer wants to send you a gift but needs you to pay the fees to receive it.


Stuck in a country, needs your help

Scammer is stuck in a country and needs your money/help to get them out.


Needs you to cash a check

Scammers needs to cash a check and needs your help to cash it. They will send you a counterfit check, and you send the money back to them. 2 weeks later your bank will find that it's counter feit and you will owe them the money, and you will get into trouble.


Needs money for airfare, gas, or bus

Scammer wants to fly or drive to meet you but needs money for plane ticket, train ride or gas


Needs your help to get out of trouble

SScammer is coming to see you. At the last minute something horrible happens, they get stuck and they need you to send them money to help them.


Military Scam

Scammer is in the military and needs your money


Orphanage Scam

Scammer is running an orphanage and needs your donations.


Collecting Emails

Scammer asks for your email address right away or gives you theirs...they want to go offsite as soon as possible because eventually we will catch them and delete them from the site.


Translation website Scam

Scammer sends you a link to a translation site because they can't speak your language. They are in business with the transalation site and will try to keep you there as long as possible and it will cost you money.


Modeling Scam

Scammer tells you that you've been selected to be on a billboard or commercial, but needs all your personal information.


Nanny Scam

Scammer wants to hire you to be their nanny and will pay you well. They find young women outside their country and will pay to fly them to their home.