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yes we can

yes we can

music montage and celeb support over direct speech from candidate obama...

Election 2012

'Election 2012'

In reply to the 'fantasy world' they both presented. With hope that they both wake up to the real world considered the magnitude of the job they both...

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Citizen Surveillance of Border Violence Captures I

Citizen Surveillance of Border Violence Captures I

********Hidden Cameras on the Border As reported on: The War Next Door / Hannity / FOX News Special Hidden video cameras as far as 80 miles North o...

Political Punch Health Bill will Cost More

Political Punch Health Bill will Cost More

Political Punch CBO: Health Care Bill Will Cost $115 Billion More Than Previously Assessed ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake...

Obamas Communist Ties 2

Obama's Communist Ties 2

Obama mentor identified as communist Frank Marshall Davis 'discussed American imperialism, colonialism, exploitation' Posted: February 19, 2008 9:2...

Goldman Sachs Hearing Kabuki Theater Follow th

Goldman Sach's Hearing, Kabuki Theater...Follow th

The Money Trail Blaze's Right Through the Obama Socialist Crime Family!... "Illegal Money Laundering At Best" 'Ocean's Eleven in Overdrive', the mo...

FCC To Reclassify Internet Power Grab by GOV

FCC To Reclassify Internet/Power Grab by GOV

The FCC has done it. The nuclear option. To circumvent Congress and the courts they are reclassifying the Internet as a telephone system to regulate...

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