Obama Being Treated for Severe Depression

Apparently, this blogger, Ulsterman from Washington, interviewed a former White House Insider who left the White House recently. The interview was conducted under conditions of anonymity. You can read the transcript by clicking on the link. Apparently, this insider has made previous predictions of staff leaving the White House, due to dissatisfaction with Obama, and he has been accurate.

This former aide described that the President was diagnosed with severe depression and is being treated with medications. He also stated that his smoking habit is really out of control as well and is smoking more than a pack a day. The Insider also went on to detail that the President is not really interested in being President and is bored with the details of being an Executive; rather he seems to be mostly energized by his frequent campaigning.The Insider stated that frequently Mr. Obama leaves these boring meetings, and asks only for a summation. In another revelation about Obama, the insider said that he doesn't seem to have much "intellectual curiosity", but he is excited about sports. When he's off the teleprompter, he's a little slow. The insider said that many of the staff just don't get along and the First Couple have their own "issues." Remember in August when Michelle went to Spain, leaving Barry to celebrate his birthday with the boys? The insider testified that he/she had seen Obama having a temper tantrum.

Now, I am not a psychiatrist, but I do know that frequently a person with a bipolar condition is misdiagnosed as severely depressed. In fact, it seems to be one of the traits of many "charismatic" personalities. Obviously, many consider Mr. Obama to be charismatic. Unfortunately, the medication for severe depression is known to severely exacerbate the bipolar condition, known as its "paradoxical effect."

If these reports are true, and not that I want to stigmatize a person with a psychiatric disorder, but I believe, in this case, our National Security may be in severe jeopardy.

September 27, 2010
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so when should i belive an insider?
White House Insider: Obama Battling Severe Depression
Published by Ulsterman on September 27, 2010 in World Politics

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So you state that President Obama is depressed? How did you come by this information? From a direct source still working within the White House on a daily basis. As I had stated previously, tensions at the White House have reached a critical stage. The infighting among staff is off the charts. More recently, the president has increasingly withdrawn emotionally from the day to day demands of his job – he has become what was described to me as “empty”.

Empty? That is correct – empty.

Do you mean to say the president is not doing his job? Not exactly. He is there, he is getting briefed throughout the day, but President Obama appears to have emotionally shut down, not entirely mind you, but a great deal. It has worsened since I was last there. His natural detachment has become almost chronic to the point of being disconcerting to staff around him. It appears President Obama is suffering from severe depression.

You’re not a doctor, how are you qualified to make such a charge? No, I’m not a doctor, but from all the reports coming back to me, and from what I did see with my own eyes prior to leaving the White House myself, I think it is a very reasonable assumption to make. President Obama is emotionally shutting down. He is a terribly depressed man.

And why do you think this is happening? Well for one, he was completely unprepared for the job of being President of the United States. The demands on one’s time, the emotional and physical toll, are considerable. Second, the failure of the administration to effectively communicate to the American people. You have to understand that Obama believed that his ability to orate would be enough – that is proving to have been a considerable mistake on Obama’s part, and he is not dealing particularly well with that reality.

But you are no longer at the White House, correct? That is correct.
Article continued...

So why then should your opinion on the condition of President Obama be viewed as legitimate? I certainly understand a healthy dose of scepticism. I still wish to remain anonymous, and for those still supporting the president, I would understand how they would wish to dismiss any reports that diminish President Obama in any way. The fact remains though, I know what I know. And I know what I have been told by very reliable sources still at the White House. There are staff increasingly dissatisfied with this president. When that happens, word starts to get out.

But still…(interrupting) I would also add what you well know. I have been quite accurate on my previous discussions with you. I indicated there would be a mass exodus of staff from the White House days and even weeks prior to those leaving became public. Larry, David, Rahm, and more have or are in the process of leaving. Your readers need only check the dates of when you published with the public announcements of those departures to confirm that fact. I have been very truthful. I indicated Pelosi was under intense pressure and challenge from within her own party. That has also proven to be accurate. What I have told you to date has been the very thing that has developed surrounding the White House – and what I am telling you now is also just as accurate.

But why share it with me and not others? (smiles) Well, for one, we know each other, correct? There is that. You do your little blogging ventures, both great and small, and I do my thing. Second, I am using you just as much as you are using me. Let’s not pretend that is not the case. If someone who could do me harm professionally for having shared this information with you attempts to do so, I have a certain degree of deniability based on your own near inconsequential standing – no disrespect intended. I would also add that you are not the only one I am talking to. Lastly, call this process a test balloon, the kind that is often run up in politics. We are gauging the reaction by those within the party, as well as critical supporters outside the party. In essence – can we count on Obama for 2012? We are conceding November 2010. We are about to get our asses kicked. Ok, so be it – let’s get our –expletive- together for 2012. The most critical component of that of course, is Barack Obama. Will he hold up? Can he prove as effective a candidate for 2012 as he was in 2008?
Article continued...

But you indicated before you did not think another four years of an Obama administration would be good for the country. And now you are saying he is suffering from depression. Why would the Democratic Party want to run Obama again in 2012? Well for one, he’s the sitting president. To attempt to not have him as our nominee would be a significant disruption to the party, a disruption that may prove difficult to recover from in the near-term. Second, I stated that another four years, if they were like these first two years, would not be good for the country. I still believe that, but also I am still hopeful the president can realize his potential, reinvigorate himself to the job, and become the president I and others still believe he can in fact be.

So just how bad is the president’s depression? It is my understanding it is pretty bad.

Is he being treated? You will need to be more specific, do you mean by a doctor?

Yes. Well of course he is being treated. He’s the President of the United States.

What I mean specifically is medication. Is the president receiving medication for his depression? (Long pause) I believe…yes, I believe he is. I believe he has been for some time actually. As to something more specific, I do not know. Nor do I care to say.

Just to confirm then – it is your belief that President Obama is on anti-depression medication? Yes – that is what I just told you.

And you are ok with my printing that? Yeah, or I wouldn’t have told you. I see no shame in being treated for such a condition. I think it much better someone dealing with that kind of thing by getting proper treatment. It’s far better than the damn smoking.

Smoking? The president is still smoking then? Yeah – I thought that was pretty common knowledge. Yeah, the president is still smoking. The problem is, he’s apparently smoking a great deal, and for a man approaching his 50th year, having smoked for so long, that cannot be a good thing. I’ll put it this way – the smoking is considerable enough that it has become an issue.

An issue? Who has the issue specifically? I would assume his family. I know the White House – his staff. Certainly his doctors. They have noted the increase in his smoking over the last year. It has apparently alarmed some of them considerably.

So what are we talking about here? More than a pack a day? Oh yeah, more than that. The guy is under a lot of stress, that is no secret. I smoked for a long time myself. It is a very tough thing to quit successfully, so I certainly know about the struggle to try and do so.
Article continued...

So how would you describe the overall mood of the White House these days? Troubled. Concerned. Uncertain. And angry. A lot of anger.

And what about the mood of the president himself? The same.

You have been kind enough to leave our readers with a tidbit of information to further prove the validity of your claims. What can you leave us with this time regarding what is coming from the White House or the Democratic Party that has not yet been picked up by the mainstream media?

Just prior to the midterm elections, a significant figure within the party is going to break out and talk publicly to the media about much of what has and is going on both at the White House and Congress. We need to have a bit of a cleansing process as a party, and this individual is now willing to do just that. It may actually be more than one. From there we can start the process of rebuilding and recovery. It will be much the same as we did back in 1994. That playbook is still as legitimate today as it was then. Don’t count out the Democratic Party – we will be back, and back in a big way, and I still believe back in time for 2012.

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Well, Mr. Obama should have taken all things into consideration before opening his mouth to the American people! I mean, really… Don’t make a single promise you CAN’T keep! And now he’s depressed… I say, welcome to the club! Americans have been paddling that boat for some time now, most are barely making ends meet, and Obama is depressed. GOOD! Though, I guess I can understand how depression hits when you are overwhelmed with vacation trips and everything coming to you on a silver platter… I digress…

Posted September 27, 2010 at 11:24 am

couldnt happen to a nicer guy..in the end karma will always get you..just wish i was a fly on the wall at the WH..

Very frequently, a person like Obama is misdiagnosed with severe depression, when, in reality he is bipolar. He may be on the wrong medication if he is being treated for severe depression. me one with mood swings and charisma is most usually bipolar.
He is a National security risk if he is being tree by a psychiatrist and should be removed from office.

If what you are saying is true, that is.
However, I do believe you

Posted September 27, 2010 at 2:57 pm

If I had all of the baggage he has regarding hiding his past….birth certificate, school records, SSN, selective service, etc., I would be severely depressed! There must be a tremendous amount of pressure worrying about when the truth will come out!

Well, I guess it’s nice that some of these yahoos who have had White House access are actually starting to figure out what many of us knew 3 years ago. I was telling family during the 2008 campaign that obama was only playing a role….only this time it was high stakes: a role as wannebe POTUS. He’s never done anything in his life but—play a role.

I’m sure sorry that reality is too hard on him.

I’m sorry for the country. He should be tried for economic treason for what he’s done to this nation.

Posted September 28, 2010 at 2:12 pm

Obama Cheating His Wife, Proven!

Posted September 28, 2010 at 6:57 pm

It has to be a downer, when you find out you are not the messiah…

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Call it just a feeling?

But I had a vision as of recently that this guy isn't going to make it another two years?

I think ALL his vacations have been for mental rehab issues.

This is such bull crap, shame on u for pulling it off an insider that has several such negative articles about the man that is in charge of our country. Shame Shamescold
All yes he is making the change alright.

He Hired Russian named Czars to kill forward growth...

What a change?

You said he should be in Charge?

What a joke that is, because the LAST president to be in charge and could lead without coercion was Mr. Bush.

What a joke that u defend Bush, when u know he was in the pocket of Chenny......Most likely left America in the worst state in History........But the Rich got Richer.

Everyone should be ashamed to attack our president with such gossip so bizzar that the person refuses to give up their name....To the folks who beleive in Restoring Honor to your party, standing on the Word of God, all those Family Vaules......Where r they today?
I am sorry to hear that hussain obama is sick (if he is) but I'm afraid that that would be only his business .....
lady its a hard time for america&the whole world,ofcourse the man is under great stress,change wasnt achieved,the war on iraq&afganistan may last for longer time than expected,but honestly speaking the man is trying to do his best,as for national security issue i dont think that taking a pill of ssri(selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) or even tricyclic antidepressent will jeopardice it.bouquet
bipolar, does that mean that the president kills polar bears, bi, meaning 2 polar bears, it could be worse he could be shafting 2 interns like tricky d*ck, then he would be on cigars instead of cigarettes.
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Importance of Philosophy

Do The Poor Suffer Under Capitalism?

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So the saying goes. Opponents of Capitalism like to claim that the poor suffer because the rich are constantly increasing their wealth and using it to oppress the poor. They see the successful as a parasite somehow living off the suffering of the unsuccessful.

The fallacy here is that wealth and success are zero-sum - one man's gain is another's loss. That there is a pie to be divvied up and one man's larger portion is another's smaller portion. Under this false premise the above would make sense - the rich have more (it doesn't matter how they got it), so the rest have less. How unjust!

The truth is that there isn't one big pie being divvied up. There is a separate pie for each individual, each sized according to how productive he is. Every man's consumption is a direct result of his production. One man's effort and consumption in no way negatively affects another's.

There are two common sub-fallacies to the notion of zero-sum wealth. The first is that if one looks around at any given time, there is a finite amount of stuff to behold. Yes, at any instant there is a finite amount of wealth which is somehow divided up between owners. But what must be taken into consideration is that every piece of property was created. Everything that is somehow valuable to anybody was created in some way - the value was unlocked in some way. An item was either manufactured by someone, discovered by someone, or the use of which was invented by someone. The potential wealth of any man is practically unlimited, any creation, invention, or production that he may make does not diminish to potential of any other person.

The second sub-fallacy to zero-sum wealth is that because there are limited natural resources, and those are all owned, then those without resources have no way to generate wealth. The problem with this is that it's wrong on two accounts. First there is no limit to natural resources, unless you consider that limit to be the entire mass of the universe. The ultimate resource is human labor. (See The Ultimate Resource 2 by Julian Simon) Which leads into the second problem which is that those without resources have no way to generate wealth. With human labor as the ultimate resource, and each man the owner of his own labor, each man has the potential to gain anything he wants - depending on his productivity.

Those who view the disparity between rich and poor as an indication of tragedy usually want to rectify the situation. But the only means to achieve egalitarianism in a world where each man has equal rights but unequal ability is to trample those rights. The only tool available is force. And no amount of force will make men more able, force can only make men less able. The only means of making "the poor" successful under capitalism is to destroy the rich. But because wealth is created and consumed individually, this won't make anyone better off for long. You can kill or rob a successful man and live off of the fruits of his labor for a while, but you will have killed the tree, and once those initial fruits are gone, there are no more where those came from unless you find a new victim to rob. This is a pyramid scheme that can only end in death for all.

The truth is that the wealthier those around you are, the better off you are. This is very important. The more wealth your neighbors have, the more they can buy. The economies of scale drive prices down, increasing your standard of living, and decreasing your cost of capital so you can increase your productivity and further increase your standard of living. One man possessing enormous wealth does in no way negatively affect any other people, unless he uses that wealth as a means to initiate force.

The saying should be: the rich get richer and the poor get richer. Everyone gets richer under capitalism where they are free to do so.

Copyright © 2001 by Jeff Landauer and Joseph Rowlands
This blog is simply Pathetic.Should be entitled 'my ridiculous attempts to smear my President while managing only to show my emptiness.thumbs down
peace bothers...makis, well done!!! rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
= Draga hugh1

Poate ii place mai mult astea...

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nu cred, Makis, primul e demential, gooood moves!!!rolling on the floor laughing
Mick, thumbs up thumbs up

Makis, you are cracking me up!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Well, liberalism is a mental disorder.....
gees...look at all your blogs...what a pathetic obsession.
Is posting these giving you an o*gasm?
i am not a obama fan,if this is true it explains a lotdoh
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