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Chris Isaak Big Blue Spanish Sky

Chris Isaak - "Big Blue Spanish Sky"

One of my favourites...

Chris Isaak Everyone Gets Down

Chris Isaak - "Everyone Gets Down"

a rare song - Chris does meloncholy very well...

Chris Isaak Life Will Go On

Chris Isaak - "Life Will Go On"

don't know what the cartoon is, but it does fit the song very well. another heart-breaker from Chris - he's a happy chappie...

Chris Isaak The Lonely Ones

Chris Isaak - "The Lonely Ones"

another fantastic song from Chris's debut album in 1985 ... a perfect driving song (for someone who no longer has a car...

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Chris Isaak is in the UK promoting his new album

Chris Isaak is in the UK promoting his new album

I know there are a few Chris Isaak fans on here so I thought I would just let you know that Chris is in the uk, promoti...

Any CHRIS ISAAK fans out there

Any CHRIS ISAAK fans out there?????

Haven't been on here for four months (life has kind of been getting in the way ) so just thought I'd come on...

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