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Sade By your Side

Sade By your Side

I love this song by Sade performing By Your Side! This is one of my favorite songs. I know it's...

happy birthday with famous quotes

happy birthday with famous quotes

With this video I crated by myself I want to wish a very happy birthday to all people in the world...

Keha Tik Tok

Ke$ha Tik Tok

I like this song. Ke$ha is neither a bad or good singer. But the song is catchy to me. The lyrics is ok but could be better. I like the artist and the...

Stand by Me

Stand by Me!

Playing For Change | Song Around the World From the award-winning documentary, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music", comes the first of many "...

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Can You Eat A Television Setonline today!

Can You Eat A Television Set?

According to Wikipedia, in 2009, 78% of the world's households owned at least one television set. According to ATD Fourth World About 1...

A Blog To Please Everybodyonline today!

A Blog To Please Everybody

I have been thinking very hard to find a topic - and a view on it - to please everybody but to no avail. It will be such a welcome change to produce s...

rants from a raging lunitic

rants from a raging lunitic

Sometimes I am so tired of people. They want to pull you in ten differant directions at once. For some reason the people around me seem to think I'm s...

Deserted In Your Loveonline today!

Deserted In Your Love?

Not all women are angels and not all men are devils. Or, if you want it the other way around, not all men are saints and not all women are demons. For...

Quotes from Famous People

Quotes from Famous People.

My favorite is the quote of Khalil Gibran...

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