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Horoscopes Reloaded 1

Horoscopes Reloaded 1

Sometimes a person can run out of ideas to blog about. When you are a compulsive blogger as I am and just have to blog, you can come up with the most boring themes. Today is such a day and I thought it well to give you my take on people bor...

bloody heat

bloody heat!

Today is a hot day, approx 25C so taking a trip in a car is not to think about today. I think it will be spent nearby a fan and/or outside in the sun. so...... what's happened so far today? well a trip to a shoping center was made but i got bored t...

and just another boring sunday

.... and just another boring sunday...

After some days of rather fun writing here it strikes me that it's a boring sunday today. what can be more boring than sundays when you live allone? On the other hand, well, sundays is a good consumtionday for coffee, as well as a good day for writ...

I know there are days I feel lonely

I know there are days I feel lonely

My bad habit is to skip meals (or have no appetite), sleep (or be unable to sleep), or workout…generally my daily routine really messes up when something serious bothers my mind. I told myself, “try a bit more. No coffee, movies or holid...

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