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Happy New Year from an Angel

Happy New Year from an Angel!

Y ears and years of good health E njoyment and mirth A angel to watch over you R em...

Here Are My Wishes 4U

Here Are My Wishes 4U! : )

H ours of happy times with friends and family A bundant time for relaxation P rosperity [size...

Lovely Wishes For New Year

Lovely Wishes For New Year! :")

Lovely Wishes For New Year!...

hope love faith and blessings

hope, love,faith and blessings

may all your wishes come true and lead you to all the joy and happiness waiting for you within your dreams. xoxoxo...

Happy Beautiful Year

Happy Beautiful Year!

(: HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)...

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Sex sex more sex

Sex, sex & more sex

While some of you may be prudes, I've heard that SOME people on here actually enjoy sex. I'm guessing at some point you watched a movie or TV show...

Dont Wish For What You Cannot Affordonline today!

Don’t Wish For What You Cannot Afford.

Be careful of what you wish for. You may just get it and it may come to you at a price that you are not prepared to pay. Nothing comes for nothing. Th...

I dont care WHAT they say

I don't care WHAT they say !

Wishing for more wishes IS legit. . . .

By the power vested in me

By the power vested in me

you MAY be granted two wishes (at my discretion). Yes, that's right, TWO wishes, not three. We are running a bit short on wishes due to the...

Joke of the day twice as much

Joke of the day - twice as much

An explorer had recently gone through a very emotional break-up and to get away from it all was in a cave, looking for ancient treasure. The ex...

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