How to be a Good wife to be

Prepare yourself to be a wife to be

Be pleasant

We need to treat others the way we want ourselves to be treated.
Never to be rude to our husband,family and friends.Be warm kind positive,understanding and friendly.Welcome your husband with a smile when he comes homes instead of a sour face.

Treat your husband with respect

If you expect respects from others we need to treat others with respect too.Give respect and take respects


Communications is key to a good and solid marriage.Be honest to each other it also to help built trust and strenght your relationship.

Be supportive


Do not nag


Give him his space


Keep him happy in Bed


Express your love and appreciation often


Honesty,loyalty and dedication


Plan for surprises

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What you put is wonderful but #1 should be ''Put God first in your marriage''. innocent
create friendship,Respect each other, speak polity with your husband.share each other what he want's ,that dose not mean if he say wrong to do. just love him from your heart,do more hugs,kisses,sex,o*al sex if he want's.never say hard words to each they will spoil boths life. honesty, care, surpise,many things counts love is love.without love is bad every buddy want's love.who woman knows what his husband want's they live happily.
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