If you care for me,I will care for you
You are not attractive enough
You talk to much
You are too uptight
you are boring
you are excessively independent/feminist
you are a victim of your past
You are not a good sex partner
You are too competitive
you are to much jealousy
you are very protective

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applies also to the contrary, woman to man
that is right
I don't feel good when I am around you.
woman just needs one reason to lose makes a big difference !
thats it,care for your self first,and be with your self always.
banana hi
There's a very easy solution to that Lemonika22.
Just be perfect all the time! heart wings NOT!
Saoibh :-)
when a girl show a site ,they told they not was.
Thank you lemonika, I've been working on those traits for quite some time now and getting really quite good at them, especially being crap in bed. The excessive independance thing comes quite naturally I find, if you hone the other skills.

1. You are not attractive enough.
2. You talk too much.
3. You are too uptight.
4. You are boring.
5. You are excessively independent/feminist.
6. You are a victim of your past - many women have a bad relationship with a guy who is controlling and possessive at least once in their lives.
7. You are not a good sex partner.
8. This might sound extreme, but I truly believe that there is no better way to learn how to be a better sex partner than by observation.
9. handshake
yep #4. met plenty of girls who are limited to talking about things like fashion and gossip.
i would have to say number 4. I need conversation, not all the time, but it helps when you have a passion that you can talk about. Nothing flatlines my attention greater then when a girl has nothing interesting to say.

But every guy is different.
When a woman plays mind games, then I just skip on to the next woman. I know the personality types inside out of woman, so I dont waste my time anymore. For example, I know that the aries woman likes to chase me, but once she has caught me she then gets bored, so I dont bother playing that game with them. Sagitarius woman like me if they think Im different from the norm, that is if Im rich and have a good income stream coming through, they always go for a man with lots of money, or the man has to be powerful, or very weird or something. He has to stick out from your average Joe. Virgo woman, like it if they can control and take care of me, so if Im secretive and look vulnerable, thats the type of woman that will go for me.
Cancer woman are extremely picky and want to get to know you for a long time, before they will go out with me, but, I am not young and patient enough anymore to wait for her to make up her mind. Scorpio woman, are the easiest woman for me to get into bed, as I know them inside out as I am a scorpio and know how to read there emotions, etc. But, unfortunately the relationship doesnt last as it is too intense between us, and then the sex stops after a week. But, we still dont let each other go completely. She is very possesive and doesnt like to let go. The only thing is, she chases any other girl away from me, makes sure they dont get close to me.
You are not attractive enough

1 always talk on suitable as per time and matter

2. always uptight on situation

4. Happy always

5. every time to be independent/feminist

6. past time not remember for future

7. always a best sex partner for firendship and woman

8. Always be a competitive

9. no to much jealousy

10. yes to be a very protective
Yes, It works both ways.
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