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10 ways to have a friend and be happy in life

things i wish i knew a long time ago

listen to what someone is saying to you and try to care about how they feel. instead of thinking about what you want to say


realize that nobody wants to be with someone who only focuses on themselves


if you are depressed do something for somebody;make cookies for your neighbor


be a friend to someone who may not have any


dont focus all your energy on what you think and how you feel. occupy your energy fashioning your character.changing your attitude


nobody is perfect. forgive people and move forward.

or hate and be bitter and be stuck with a bad disposition the rest of your life

take care of your body better. go for a walk.go to bed earlier. start somewhere.


do a small act of kindness everyday


be truthful;be real;be you


keep first things first-thats people you love

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