Top10 ways to Stop Smoking and Stay Slim

Top10 ways to Stop Smoking and Stay Slim
One of the reasons smokers give for not quitting this destructive habit is weight gain. Even though your metabolism may slow down it is still possible to remain slim once you quit smoking. Here are 10 proven ways to keep off the pounds once you quit.

Healthy, balanced diet

Sticking to a healthy, balanced diet will help keep you slim and trim. Eating low-calorie, nutrient dense food is the optimal way to keep unwanted pounds from piling up. Keep your portion sizes in check as well.

Satisfy your sweet tooth without overindulging

Good options include low-fat or fat-free yogurt, fat-free frozen fruit bars or sugar-free fruit drinks.

Replace high calorie and high sugar snacks with low-calorie, nutrient dense ones

Cut up vegetables, a handful of pretzels, sugar-free iced tea, fresh fruit and so on are all great for between meal snacks. These also help to satisfy the hand to mouth needs.

Keep your mouth and hands busy

Keep your mouth and hands busy to avoid the temptation to nibble all day long. Once you quit smoking you need to replace the habit with a calorie-free alternative. Chewing on sugarless gum helps to fill the void that quitting creates. Keep your hands busy with painting, woodworking, or crafts such as beading, knitting or needlework. If you don't like crafts, then gardening or a computer class may suit you better.

Keep track of changes in your eating patterns

Keep track of changes in your eating patterns with a food diary. In this way, you will be able to identify potential trouble spots before they become excess pounds.

Drink Water

Drink 6-8 glasses of water each day. Water aids in digestion and can help to alleviate the bloated feeling that ex-smokers experience.


Start or maintain a regular exercise program. Nicotine speeds up your metabolism. Your metabolism slows down when you quit smoking. Exercise will help to rev up your metabolism again. You may want to start an exercise program a month or two before you quit smoking, because working on one new habit at a time is easier than tackling two new habits at once. It will feel good to know you are doing positive things for your body... getting in better physical shape, feeling stronger, and getting rid of a habit which is harmful to you.

Weigh yourself

Weigh yourself once a week. This helps you to keep tabs on any weight gain before it spirals out of control. If you've gained a pound or two, increase your exercise by 30-60 minutes the following week to burn it off.

Keep yourself busy

Keep yourself busy. Make a list of all the things you've always wanted to do but never had the time for. Then tackle them one at a time. Clean out the basement, join a community project, take up a new hobby.

If you need to tackle only one change at a time

You may find quitting smoking and maintaining your weight simultaneously too much of a challenge. If this is the case, give yourself a break and wait until you've stopped smoking for a while before you begin your weight-loss campaign.

If you've used weight-gain as an excuse to quit smoking, you don't have to anymore. You CAN quit smoking and be slim and trim.

Comments (2)

Right now, I am in the process of quitting cigarettes.
Since Jan 1, I have smoked about 4 packs of cigarettes.

I have been inhaling for 48 years (I started when I was 8 years old).
In December 2017, I was smoking 10 packs in 7 days.
This is at avg $5 per pack.

Yesterday I smoked two cigarettes all day.
I'm using Nicoderm CQ patches for the nicotine withdrawal.

My goal is to have an full open pack in front of me and not feel the urge to smoke any of them.

I didn't use a patch one day as a test and I smoked 7 cigarettes that day.
The patch is helping.

People told me to try vaping. To me, that is just substituting one addiction for another.
You would think that having cigarettes around me would be bad but to me, this addiction can not be broken by removing the access, it has to be a controlled willful decision.

I'm also not hard on myself if I slip up. This is why I decided to smoke 3 cigarettes a day.
The fact that I only smoked two yesterday indicates I am gaining control now.

I am not gaining weight because I am not substituting
the compulsion to smoke with a compulsion to eat.
I acknowledge my compulsion to light up and mindfully over-ride it.
The urges come in waves, I fight the urge during the wave and it gets easier each time.

My advice to anyone that smoked for many years to find your own method if you want to quit.
Just realize that it is your choice.
I don't know about the weight problem, but , anyone can stop smoking, it just takes will-power. I smoked for 35 years , then one day I said to myself, this is crazy, it is bad for my health, it stinks, and it costs money,- so I am going to quit . I put the cigarette pack on my table where I could see it every time I ate, and forced myself to ignore it, it was a chore for a few days but each day became easier. After a few weeks it was no problem, TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT ! studecar professor
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