Home Theater Movie Snacks

Home Theater Movie Snacks
Watching movies at home while munching on something is fun. Different people munch different things.
Sometimes what you munch is almost as important as what you are watching.
This list explores some of the foods we like to chomp during those movies.

I have different foods for different types of movies, who is with me or if I am alone and the time of day.

I'm wondering if anyone else gives this much thought?


Standard crunch snackage goodness. Whats your Favorite?
I like doritos w/salsa.


Tidbits of super-sweet sugary delights. Whats your Favorite?
I like gummies. Licorice

Appetizers/Game Basics

Warm or cold foods that need minimal preparation. Whats your Favorite?
Hot Nachos w/Cheese. Lil-Smokies.


Dried or fresh? Whats your Favorite?
I love Veggies w/Veggie Dip. Fresh Berries. Pistachios or Pecans


Slim Jims, Beef/Turkey/Deer/Alligator Jerky, Sasquatch Sticks, Summer Sausage. Whats your Favorite?
I like those Sasquatch Teriyaki beef sticks, Summer Sausage w/Ritz Crackers and if I can get it - Deer Jerky.

French Fries(chips)/Chicken Wings/Stuffed Peppers

Foods that could be dinner, lunch or breakfast. Whats your Favorite?
I chow down on some Hot Wings! Pickled Eggs. Onion Rings w/Honey Mustard Dip

Trail Mixes/Confections

Store bought or homemade these are mixes you sit and munch on. Whats your Favorite?
I like the sweet & salty mixes, homemade garbage (sweet mix), Chex Mix


Muffins, donuts, sweet cakes and stuff like that. Whats your Favorite?
I like those mini muffins and hot bisuits w/honey.

Store Bought/Takeout/Delivery

PIZZA, Chinese or other international foods, Brochette, Wings and other prepared food you bought. Whats your Favorite?
I like Pizza Hut Pizza (supreme), Egg Rolls, French Bread Pizza, Hot Wings and lots of other local favorites.

Something Totally Unique

Ideas for a great movie at home night. Something you create for the occasion or an old family tradition. Do you make different things depending upon what you will be watching or who will be with you?
What are some romantic ideas for foods with someone special?

Being a social site I would like to see ideas for different foods from different people.
Use the comments to tell us what your favorite movie food is when you are home.
Have fun!

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