Why Are Women More Affectionate Than Men

Maybe because men and women are wired differently. This old saying again. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well, this might be close enough! Nah, don't think so. Women are more emotional. They tend to let their feelings show.

In certain cases, some studies concluded that when women cheat, they do it to get affection from their lover. Especially, when their husbands or boyfriends aren't showing affection or love for them.
Men cheat for the sex. A lot of them could careless about feelings. Men tend to act tough and macho. They don't show their feelings much. A lot of them hold their feelings in. In slang or street terms, they learn to hold it in, like a man.

They view other men that express their feelings, like a woman. Weak, punk, soft, gay.
Though men shouldn't be afraid to let their feelings show. Nobody should, really.
If you feel the need to cry or be emotional, there's nothing wrong with that.
Not everybody, but a lot of people tend to live the standard "textbook version" of their lifestyle. This simply means that people live the way they are taught, whether it's through their families, friends, media.

People follow what others do when they are interested in that way of living.
Actually, it's very unhealthy for people, especially men to hold their feelings in all of the time. Because sooner or later, they will explode with rage or have a emotional breakdown, in some cases. Even though it's rare.
For generations, women have always been more affectionate towards each other than men. No one knows why exactly. It is weird. Strange to a certain intent. No case book study can explain specifically why men and women behave the way they do.

They can come close, but still society have a long way to go to give a thorough explanation.

We all know that a society obsession with culture-related strict rules have a strong hold on these factors.
Women can compliment each other on their appearances. But men rarely do.Women can talk their best friends out of that nasty relationship with that no good guy.

Again men don't do those things. If a guy were to do this, his best friend may suspect he's trying to steal his girlfriend away from him.

Maybe when we look at the situations, the old saying might just be true.

Maybe, men are from Mars and women from Venus.

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May be men just do not feel the way we women do? We expect them show the feelings we have, but if they do not have such feelings, how can they show them? Have you noticed that men often write in their profiles 'you get what you see'? May be we should trust what they say and not look for something that is not there. It is kind of shocking to realize that they are so poor in emotions, of course, but what to do? We have to face the truth and not expect impossible. So, may be they are from Mars, lol!
LOL Men dont feel the need to tell there buddies how handsome they are, because most men arent so insecure about themselves like majority of women. Yes we may keep looking just because we found someone nice. Nice usually isnt good enoght....Is it? NO. But you still have this person as a friend. Why dont women see it when someone isnt in love with them. Men or Women all have choices and its THEIR choices only. Why blame the man for so many things? I have personally seen more women as that perverted troll you women describe, not men. My career involves me being in many businesses per week and all my life i have never heard more foul language and open s*xual remarks than i have heard with women. I hardly hear of men saying anything out of text during business hours. We sexes cant understand each other so instead of trying so hard to conform the other why not step out of the box and really think about your life, who YOU want to be with and enjoy life with another creature............man. ps) You could also try being more open, and that goes for man and woman. Wayne S
Life has taught me that this is true:
Both men and women want love, affection, comfort, support, made to feel the most important person in someone's life. Women keep these needs more close to the surface. Men, due to our sociatal restrictions, keep these needs buried deep, deep inside of them (some buried deeper than others).

The bottom line is that we have to treat eachother the way that we want to be treated and women remember: He is JUST A MAN - flesh and blood and human too. He may not show it but he feels things just as deeply as a woman.

My philosophy (and I do not want to spill all of my hard-earned secrets) but love him like his mother would...sex him like a hooker would...forgive him like his God would.

Be blessed all.
DynamiteLuv wrote:
"Maybe, men are from Mars and women from Venus."

Sometimes I agree with this concept but most of the time not, and surely this concept could not be applied to all life on earth. Though it is very interesting how we, as a species, are so much the same but can be so strikingly different. There are a great number of other species on our planet whereas male and female display these differences and behaviors, with slight variances. And it has been well proven that many species on earth are a result of evolution and not from other planets.

Differences in male and female are by far NOT deficiencies. Mother nature, "planet earth", along with evolution has intended these differences to act as attractions and strengths in male/female unions, and to ensure we further evolve (survive). Mother nature has done a remarkable job for billions of years in ensuring life on earth. The human race however has done a very poor job in governing ourselves and our planet in a very short period time.

DynamiteLuv wrote:
"Why Are Women More Affectionate Than Men"

Great subject, I really enjoyed your article, and of course I don't have the answer to this. However, besides all that has been already mentioned some things do come to mind.

Traditionally male and female play more/less equal roles in conception, and share in the upbringing of their children. Yet, the female is able to experience the gift of carrying a new life to term, and nurturing that new life not only for survival but emotionally as well. JMO but this alone sets men and women "worlds" apart as far as emotional maturity/bonding. Adding to that the fact that the creation of life itself is a key role in evolution, I believe that these may be small factors as to why women tend to be more sociable as well. Unfortunately you cannot deal socially with a wild tiger attacking your village.

I'm sure that no one needs an anatomy lesson but let's not forget hormones. The endocrine (hormonal) systems of males and females are different, we produce different hormones for different reasons. It is well known that hormones play a huge role in how we physically feel, and act or react "emotionally".

Needless to say that all this leads to different brain patterns and priorities between men and women, and the expectation that males and females will respond similarly to all situations would be naive. It's actually quite amazing we get along as well as we do.

Or maybe it's all just because women watch DR.Phil and Opera. (kidding)

DynamiteLuv wrote:
"Actually, it’s very unhealthy for people, especially men to hold their feelings in all of the time."

Agreed, but I think when males hold in their emotions, tears etc, along with today's stereotype it is also a traditionally built in method of survival and self defense. For example you are more likely to be attacked by a dog or bear when you show fear. As well, back in the stone age for a male to break down and cry, well, when the others went out to hunt you'd probably be left back with the women, if your lucky. Maybe not such a bad thing.

But of course it would be more mystical and much easier to say "Maybe, men are from Mars and women from Venus." Or maybe we just wish we were 'ON' different planets sometimes.
Hi! This article is not about me! I get your drift though. I have met many nice people. I'm a blogger on a gossip site and I get questions like this a lot. That's why I posted a blog about it here from my site. It is true that the article can apply to anybody. Thanks for your comment!
Hi , answer to your topic , you must have been meeting the wrong people now and again , just like we all do now and again ,, but i get your general drift ,, i know what you mean ..

There loss not ours ... grin x

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