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Five Ways to Tell Hes Good in Bed

Five Ways to Tell He’s Good in Bed

Looking for a lover that will drive you crazy? Sure, he might have a great personality, make you crack up with laughter, and have a smile that makes y...

Staff15,95321Jan 2012May 10
Practically Bare Bosoms

Practically Bare Bosoms

From the time females are little girls until the time they become grown women, they are inundated with the world's perception that bigger breasts are...

Staff13,23038Feb 2009Feb 21
Can o*al Sex Pass On Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Can o*al Sex Pass On Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

While a condom will protect people from contracting most sexually transmitted disease from their partner during full penetration sex, it is much less...

Staff19,73512Mar 2009Apr 2021
Five Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Five Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Sexuality is a part of most adult relationships. And while everyone knows that it's fun, not everyone realizes that sex has quite a few interesting (a...

Staff7,6831Jan 2012Apr 2021
Should we do it on the first date

Should we 'do it' on the first date?

It's a question that can haunt a person, guilt a person, intimidate and frighten one out of their wits. Everyone has an opinion about this, especially...

Staff15,72558May 2010Nov 2020
The Overweight Woman is Desirable Too

The Overweight Woman is Desirable Too!

If you consider yourself overweight and you haven't found a permanent relationship, it's time to stop allowing negative thinking about your body to ho...

Staff24,16686May 2009Mar 2020
How to Become a Good Lover

How to Become a Good Lover

Making love comes naturally; being a good partner takes practice. Next time romance is in the air, follow these few hints on how to become a good lov...

Staff12,8648May 2009Oct 2019
Loving Yourself Can Make You Sexy

Loving Yourself Can Make You Sexy

Your sex appeal is largely an extension of the way in which you carry yourself in daily life. And this, in turn, is influenced by your level of self-e...

Staff13,02615Feb 2011Mar 2018
Is Chocolate an Aphrodisiac

Is Chocolate an Aphrodisiac?

Many men and women have always suspected that there is something special about chocolate, and chocolate has long been associated with love and romance...

Staff10,74815Mar 2009Dec 2016
Sneaky Ways to Turn a Woman On

Sneaky Ways to Turn a Woman On

For many men, seducing a woman is an all-out production. Wind, flowers and dim lighting are the first things that come to mind. But the truth is, ther...

Staff7,9822Dec 2012Oct 2015
Ten Reasons Youre Sick of Sex

Ten Reasons You're Sick of Sex

Are you in a committed relationship and wondering what happened to all those sparks that flew between you each time you were together. You never thoug...

Staff9,1151May 2009Apr 2015
5 Nonsexual Ways to Turn Your Woman On

5 (Nonsexual) Ways to Turn Your Woman On

A peek of cleavage. A glimpse of thigh. A sexy word. It doesn't take much to get a man in the mood. Women, on the other hand, often need a little more...

Staff10,3463Dec 2012Oct 2014
To save the symptoms

To save the symptoms

If we are looking for a radical solution to this issue is not infidelity must cooperate society, male and female, to the following 1 - Do not do that...

Unknown2,6310Mar 2011
What is it like to be Dead Is there sex in the Afterlife

What is it like to be Dead? Is there sex in the Afterlife?

This is not really my comfort zone to talk if such stuff, but with the two worlds drawing inexorably together this is a question some may feel unable...

caroljoyce4,14913May 2010Mar 2011
Voice obsession

Voice obsession

20 hours ago Hello,dear friends!I want to tell,what i know about the voice.Our second chakra-muladkhara,its our reprodactive organ,ournuclear reactor...

Unknown3,0622Feb 2010Feb 2011
Why Are Women More Affectionate Than Men

Why Are Women More Affectionate Than Men

Maybe because men and women are wired differently. This old saying again. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well, this might be close enough...

Unknown14,6776Mar 2010Jan 2011

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