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People Will Treat You How You Let Them

People Will Treat You How You Let Them

How we feel is all our own doing, its all our own choice. We choose to react to something someone said or did. If you feel bad, you choose to feel tha...

Unknown1,4731Dec 2012Jan 13
History of Nepal

History of Nepal?

Nepal is an asian country. It is situated in South Asia. It is a member of saarc. Nepal is a independent country. It has not been ruled by any country...

Unknown2,6975Jun 2009Jan 15
Romance Scammers Con Artists Predators and Pathological Criminals Have No Guilt

Romance Scammers, Con Artists, Predators, and Pathological Criminals Have No Guilt

By Bernard G Vance, Dr.Ed and Erlina, M.Hum Romance Scam, Part 17 The four terms mentioned in the title; romance scammers, con artists, predators andp...

BigGrizzlyBear4,1763Mar 2013Feb 1


According to the Greek mythology Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water . So Narcissism in layman terms basically mean...

asterousios1,5931Nov 2014Oct 13
Why are scammers the most polite and complimentary

Why are scammers the most polite and complimentary?

As someone who is unfamiliar with receiving messages from 'scammers' on dating websites, I quickly read and learned how to spot a likely scammer. The...

nenew4,85835Dec 2013Oct 2
What Do You Do After Making Love To Your Woman

What Do You Do After Making Love To Your Woman?

We all know the differences between women and men when it comes to love and making love. Though some only care about getting between her legs to pour...

Unknown16,00029Apr 2009Aug 21


Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That's is why you pay them. Keep only cheerful...

Unknown1,5672Aug 2014Apr 2017
My Zen Experience

My Zen Experience

In my early thirties, I was reading two books alternately: "Existentialism" by John MacQuarrie, and "Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis" by Erich Fromm,...

socrates441,7523Feb 2014Mar 2017
Scam Profile Red Flags

Scam Profile Red Flags

By Bernard G. Vance, Dr.Ed and Erlina, M.Hum Internet Romance Scams, Part 3 (How to Identify a scammer by their profiles) Yes, Romance Scammers are re...

BigGrizzlyBear3,25716Jan 2013Jan 5
The Art of Writing anything

The Art of Writing anything

Just a few tips on writing for any would be writers who are just getting their feet wet and want to know any tidbits from someone published. From the...

Unknown4,79510Jan 2011Aug 2016
How to win depression

How to win depression

From my personal experience In our days depression became a serious problem which need to be properly recognised and managed to make people balance t...

Unknown5080Aug 2016
Laws Of Life and Death

Laws Of Life and Death

Life is life if we are enjoying it, living it happily and successfully within its full scope. And the principles, ideologies and theories which help...

aminthegr89230May 2016
love and madness

love and madness

It is said that all the qualities and feelings the people had a meeting one day. For a long time but they were sitting around in silence and were bore...

Unknown2,1581Sep 2010Feb 2017


Everything in life is in a continuous state of becoming. Atoms and molecules are continually moving from one form of matter to another. Matter and ene...

socrates441,1690Oct 2015
A Recipe for a Mutually Satisfying Relationship

A Recipe for a Mutually Satisfying Relationship

Creating a healthy environment for a mutually satisfying relationship became the most hard and tedious task that a couple has to face in the complicat...

poettarek2,9340Aug 2015
How to experience happiness

How to experience happiness!

We, all without exceptions, spend most of our lives chasing after an intangible or an abstract idea called Happiness. However, is it a tangible feelin...

poettarek1,1780Aug 2015
Atheism Theism and God

Atheism, Theism and God

When the term “God” is mentioned, it seems it is generally assumed that everyone has a clear and common understanding of what it refers to...

socrates441,1820Jul 2015


Many people open emails to check the content though can be quite dangerous.In hotmail if you check the email box ( as when selecting to delete ) now r...

plt19682,6861Apr 2012Jun 2015
Ants of Saudi Arabia

Ants of Saudi Arabia

There are several species of ant living in Saudi Arabia. The technical names for the two most common are the little brown one and the bigger black one...

postneoludite2,3233Jul 2014Apr 2015


To truly love, one must first be free; one must experience oneself from the essence of one's being, one must have no need of another as a crutch in an...

socrates441,9251Jul 2013Mar 2015
Dating Safely on the Internet

Dating Safely on the Internet

There are all sorts of comments and positions out there on why people should stay away from online dating. Top on the list is the safety concern. Peop...

Crucible1,0801Jan 2015Mar 2015
Pakistan Terrorism and Education

Pakistan Terrorism and Education

Terrorism is the biggest threat to Pakistan’s progress. It roots can be traced back from 1979, when there was an effort to kick out Russia from...

amigoshah1,7791Apr 2014Dec 2014
An Advanced Technology

An Advanced Technology

In the 21 Century the technology has become very Advanced.. I live in India and I want to describe the advancement of technology in a few Years.. In t...

KK97601,1330Sep 2014


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper u & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future.Being rejected...

nelvinZ1,0030Sep 2014
Useful helpers and tips for the PC

Useful helpers and tips for the PC

Hello together :-)I thought, it could be a nice idea, to share my knowledge about some special PC-programs. Many people know how to use a program. But...

Lammycool3,3815Feb 2010Aug 2014
We Are All Born with Psychic Ability

We Are All Born with Psychic Ability !

Hi! I am a 4th. generation Psychic/Intuitive originally from New Orleans. I decided to write this article to hopefully dispel some of the mystique, an...

aware37,79727Sep 2009Aug 2014
dont name your dog

don't name your dog

Everbody who has a dog either calls him"Rover or"Boy".I call my dog 'Sex". Now,Sex has been vey embarrassing to me,When I went tO the city hall to ren...

Unknown1,2612Aug 2014Aug 2014
Thanks GOD

Thanks GOD......

THANKFUL about what we have, do not complain about what you do not have. GOD always give the best for us. There will always be the ease for those who...

Unknown1,3250Aug 2014
God healed my son of cancer

God healed my son of cancer

It might seem strange to some people how others can believe God to heal them or someone they love from cancer..Well my story is a real and true life o...

Unknown2,34113Mar 2014Aug 2014


The things that U desire are generally the things u never have with u … Is this statement really true?? Does it really depends on the perspecti...

Satanic_Overlord1,5100May 2014
On Led Zeppelin

On Led Zeppelin

 On Led ZeppelinMy first impression of Led Zeppelin came from songs like 'Dazed and Confused', 'Whole Lotta Love' and 'Achilles' Last Stand'. The...

desertsienna1,8691Dec 2013Apr 2014
Love Is Not All

Love Is Not All

Love Is Not Allby Edna St. Vincent MillayLove is not all; it is not meat nor drinkNor slumber nor a roof against the rainNor yet a floating spar to me...

Upsndowns1,5790Mar 2014
Aristotelian Logic Paradoxical Logic and God

Aristotelian Logic, Paradoxical Logic, and God

Aristotelian Logic Since Aristotle, the Western world has followed the logical principles of Aristotlean philosophy. This logic is based on the folllo...

socrates442,3320Mar 2014
ideal love

ideal love!

The deepest , most heart breaking damage you can do to your relationship will most likely occur in the thick of conflict, if neither of you put your f...

Wavebox1,5080Feb 2014
True Friend Fake One

True Friend & Fake One

A TRUE friend supports you only when he believes that you are doing the right thing in your self-interest and welfare; A FAKE friend supports you alwa...

real_khan1,5771Nov 2013Feb 2014
The Africanisation of Africans

The “Africanisation” of Africans

Recently our President talked about Africans becoming too Westernised - thinking and acting like White people. Taking pets to vets! Hair and nail exte...

angil072,3196Mar 2013Feb 2014
The Way To Be

The Way To Be

In my blog I talk about friends. In this article I will talk about being the person you Can Be. You know so many people want to live in a way that the...

apcarl20131,3040Dec 2013
The many ways to change your mood

The many ways to change your mood

There are so many things that causes our mood to change. Feeling gloomy, blue, e.t.c. The weather and the daily life stresses being the main cause. It...

Unknown2,6033Nov 2011Dec 2013
What is the fear of falling in love

What is the fear of falling in love?

Philophobia. This is some sort of scenario where individuals are afraid to fall in love or being involved. This particular fear could be due because o...

Unknown1,1471Dec 2013Dec 2013
if you rate your happiness 5 or below on a 1 10 scale

if you rate your happiness 5 or below on a 1-10 scale

if you rate your happiness 5 or below on a 1-10 scale I hope its closer to 10 after you read this. For 1 you can read and you have the internet or acc...

liketoworkhard1,4801Dec 2013Dec 2013
Why are you beating me Momma why

Why are you beating me Momma why?

Why are you beating me Momma why? MY Book To Be wrote. {WHY ARE YOU BEATING ME MOMMA WHY?}.This is my true story. It was only days after I witnessed M...

Unknown1,5171Sep 2013Dec 2013
Castration I approve Anything to stop Rape

Castration? I approve – Anything to stop Rape.

Suddenly there are people looking at Castration as a Rape Stopper! They are weighing up the options – Rape and Gender violence is a shame that e...

angil071,9404Mar 2013Oct 2013
rizlared: "My Dad in Hospital"(meet us in the forums)

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