What Do You Do After Making Love To Your Woman?

What Do You Do After Making Love To Your Woman
We all know the differences between women and men when it comes to love and making love.
Though some only care about getting between her legs to pour out their longed cravings, thereafter it ends.
We all know that women need to be validated while men just need to feel coveted and desired.
But I bet you that not all men knew what to do after making love to their women.

What do you tell your mother after serving you a delicious lunch or dinner?
Do you simply get up and walk to the sitting room to watch movie?
If so, do you think she will be encouraged giving you another day?

Cuddle Your Woman,hold her,Get tissue paper for her if possible, get water or juice for her to drink,
Tell her something sweet{ Oh Baby' You're sweet},
"Baby, do you know how I feel"
Let her feel appreciated,valued and romantic...............
Let her know that she is the sweetiest thing you ever encountered.......

Think Men, Think! Do not lose your relationship because of careless mistakes.

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You naturally wants to be appreciated so should you do to others especially your lover. It's part of the factors that cements your relationship
There never is an ending, just a changing situation.

The look across the crowded room, the touch while crossing going in opposite directions, her snuggling in the nape of your neck and feeling wanted, heard and needed, dozing off.

Its all interconnected so the lovemaking never ends just shifts places
Go home!?:)
Tell her to get the f--- out of here. Yes man, .... lol
I'm good for 3 rounds. After that she has had enough.
I get her a glass of water, give here a 10 min break then do it all over again.
Hey gymrat, you are remarkable!!!!! I love your response and the way it was said. Right On!!!! Love you sweetie! Keep up the good work!
fall asleep...
gymrrat916 NOR CAL, California USA

Dear gymrrat916 , you are really excellent with this response i love and for the fact that it came from you i love you
keep being wise for the wise
To do all the following is definetely my style because I know it would make the woman feel special:
Cuddle her,hold her,Get tissue paper for her if possible, get water or juice for her to drink,
Tell her something sweet{ Oh Baby' You're sweet},
"Baby, do you know how I feel"
Let her feel appreciated,valued and romantic...............
Let her know that she is the sweetiest thing I have ever encountered.......

Are you kidding, make love to her again, at least a couple of more times...
And Broncos!! Why are you on this site?? You seem hostle and bitter. Get over it!!!
m1a1a12, And the women you are with actually believe you?? HA!doh
After making love to a woman. I hold her so close and kiss her fore head. I tell her how wonderful she is and thank her for making me feel so special. I make sure that she feels cherished and thought highly of. That's my thing...
Well the media seem to believe that, most of us men, just roll over and go to sleep, why this stereotype exists who knows.

There are those that like to continue their hot ministrations it reall depends on the time, work in the morning, etc. But then if its a long drawn ou lovemakng then why should we all be stereotyped to thats it, ok deed is done thats it.

Come on , how many men and women for that matter actually do that?

Mind you when you see the stats on how many events are just one night stands we can see where the media get their stereo types.

If they only considered loving relationships then i'm sure the stereotype would be different.

As has been said earlier men and women are differen in what they do and want! Genius.... pretty logical seeings how were different sexes.

Most of us do know however o*al before and after sex is great, and can prolong the moment and increase teh chances of satisfaction and heighten s*xual pleasure, but at the end of the day, It really depends on how you are feeling and how your partner is feeling and reading the signs they give as to how they are feelng and what they want next.

Yes we al love a long session and yes we all like the quickie, it all depends how when and where we are as to what happens after. i.e. level of risk at being caught, running late, got to work etc.

what are your thoughts?
Thanks Gymrrat, I truly agree applause

I am not a disabled or very young person and to make sex with this man was my decision. So I deserve at least honesty not this b***t .
What do after I make love to a woman "make love to her again"

What does a woman say after she has had 7 multiple organisms?

Answer: "Thanks Des"
I most heartily agree with gymrrat916. Orderwise is a blanket belief. I will want to hold that Love-making is an individual experience. As such there are differences to the act. We should de-emphasize the many forms of coitus theorems and focus more on the animalism (and the sacredness) of Love itself. Love is the start and the Sex-act a result. The created are inclined to enjoying each other. They must therefore appreciate each other still in some uniquely differing ways, not desperate ways, or Sex will become so mimicked and withdrawned. The differences (mystifyng) usually create the needs for a closing (demystification). The energy generated is correspondently o*gasm and unstoppable.
teddybear wsell i ask for more loolxteddybear teddybear
cuddle and kiss and chat.
go to a pub and walk around london.
go to free events in london together go to the cinema once a month.
buy her a box of chocolates once a month go dancing in a club.
show her to my parents see her family and try to show good character to them and her.
go out to places in london sight seing causes me to feel more chatty because my mind is active.
gymrrat916, thx, now I don't have to write this anymore. I bet ya your post will end the entire conversation.
Or does anyone with a sound brain want to denie this excelent comment? people on this world, probably different preferences about how to 'behave' after sex!
Gime a break....

"We all know that women need to be validated while men just need to feel coveted and desired." This dichotomous logic is complete bullshit. To suggest that ALL men and ALL women adhere to one of two assigned sex-related stereotypes. Let's pull our head out of our asses for one moment and consider what we're actually suggesting.

According to this article, EVERY SINGLE woman can be assumed to react in the EXACT same manner reguarding post-sex behaviors, or any behavior for that matter. Do we honestly believe that every ideology in today's society is 100% accurate? If that was the case, EVERY SINGLE MAN ON THE PLANET would know how to build a car from the ground up, recall every miniscule statistic in the history of NFL, have a 9+ inch p*nis, have a perfectly chisled set of wash board abs, and accurately identify the make model and year of any car to pass by. Such a feat is virtually impossible. Conversley, the same unfair and ludocris expectations apply to women.

NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME, NOR ARE THEY PERFECT. NOT ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME, NOR ARE THEY PERFECT. Each human being is different. The belief that ALL men and women will behave in a particular manner because of inherent sex-based nature is patheticly ignorant.

With that being said, I am female. I do not need to be babied after sex. I do not want, nor do I need a man to tell me that I am a sweet delicate flower who has just given him a great gift. OH f*ck SPARE ME. I KNOW I just rocked your f*ck world, I don't need convincing. Just shut up and enjoy the ride. I know what I'm doing, and I know you do to, so let's not denounce each other's abilites. After we're done, relax, take it in, and appreciate it. If you want to talk, go ahead. If not, it's not going to hurt my feelings in the least bit. Just hearing your labored breathing is enough to make me feel content with what just happened. Respect me and I'll respect you. And do NOT, assume that a woman is exactly like every woman you've slept with prior. Girls, same goes for you. Listen, and be aware of how your partner reacts and behaves. Each person is unique, so treat them respectively! May your lives be content and sex lives be outstanding! :)
After I make love to one I love with all my heart n soul I usually then take off my jeans n do it all over again so that now we can make love to each other .. Being by this time both ready to totally enjoy the experience ..
So the question is why are you attracted to men who you know(and you do know don't you) that will disengage then disengage??
If you have the strength left a nice massage and plans for an outing to celebrate your relationship.
ring my wife to tell her i will be late...again
I ither keep going ,rollove and go to sleep or we hugg and kiss[
Tell her how awesome it was,let her know that you like her for a person she is,not because of a great sex you just had..
Instead of doing it, I read a good book!! Much more stimulating!!

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