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  • whitelily1

    RE: 4 Reasons Every Woman Should Date A Jerk

    Yes, its helpfull !
    I have met one head banger
    by whitelily1 10 hrs ago Jakarta, Indonesia
  • whitelily1

    RE: Why Long Distance Relationships are Doomed to Fail

    It can work if we are willing to do LDR
    It works for busy people actually who wants some privacy
    The biggest problem is only misscommunication.
    If hes here i can touch and hugs him... and sure he will understand.
    human touch is more than anything.heart wings
    by whitelily1 11 hrs ago Jakarta, Indonesia
  • whitelily1

    RE: Ten Signs He Really Loves You

    Ooh I wish i still can feel those signs i miss ..smitten

    The one who use to show his attention and affection is gone
    He is an angel angel
    by whitelily1 11 hrs ago Jakarta, Indonesia
  • freeasabirdnow17

    RE: How To Make Him Crave You

    Super advises , just need to find my Man and will do the best I can to make him crave me peace
    by freeasabirdnow17 Jun 22 Belgrade, Serbia
  • Proficiency1

    RE: Is He Into You? 14 Ways His Body Language Reveals His True Feelings

    Thank you for alleviating some questions that might be in the back of my mind. However I'm very mindful that there is no doctorate or accademical achievement that can prepare a woman to fully understand a man.
    I personally think it's wiser for a woman to discover herself and to know what she wants. Should she do this, it is only then it will become easier to handle the advances of the male species.
    by Proficiency1 Jun 21 Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • arpito

    RE: Why Long Distance Relationships are Doomed to Fail

    i had a marriage and 4 wonderful years out of a long distance relationship. They are perfectly feasible if the parties know what they want and have the means to get together for meaningful lengths of time. I met her online in 2012, married her in 2014 and we moved only in with each other a year later. Sometimes when she was away in her country, we would turn Skype on for hours on end while we went about our town things. It was almost like having her in the same room.
    by arpito Jun 18 Budapest, Hungary
  • AlexRogan

    RE: 5 Secret Tips to Great Kissing

    Hi Guys
    I liked the kissing article, as an old geezer I should have known this but I did not. Kissing is the first intimate contact between a man and woman so it should be done right for a long relationship,

    your tips are great and hopefully people will take it in.

    The extras you suggest are well worth the effort.
    A Big Thank the Girls !.!!
    by AlexRogan Jun 16 Kitchener, Ontario Canada
  • Kaydeevanwyk

    RE: Romance Scammers, Con Artists, Predators, and Pathological Criminals Have No Guilt

    Thanks alot for all the tips and warnings.
    It's so nice to read these articles and they are very helpful.
    by Kaydeevanwyk Jun 10 Brackenfell Cape Town, Cape Town South Africa
  • TheresMyFriend

    RE: Are Affairs more acceptable for men than women?

    Cheating by any other name, IS still cheating!

    ~JOHN~ said dat . banana
    by TheresMyFriend Jun 3 Gadsden, Alabama USA
  • Takoman1

    RE: Is Your Relationship Based on Sex?

    Totally explained what ive just experienced for myself! Sucks!
    by Takoman1 Jun 3 Lihue, Hawaii USA
  • sweetkiwi73

    RE: Making Him Wait: Why it’s Brilliant

    Yes effort brings reward right.
    I also agree, once you are intimate you do overlook things because your mostly very happy. If you are happy to be mostly happy in life for short periods of time while you are is a quick relationship then don't wait.
    However if you want to find something meaningful and be a whole lot happier for the long term, then I think perhaps it will be worth the wait.
    confused dunno
    by sweetkiwi73 Jun 2 Gold Coast, Queensland Australia
  • RahulRao355

    RE: What to Do When You Get Dumped

    This is what, v call life
    by RahulRao355 May 30 gurgaon, India
  • groose

    RE: What to Do When You Get Dumped

    if you were with me id never dump you your pretty
    by groose May 29 kamloops, British Columbia Canada
  • Daiana20Hidden Profile

    RE: The Overweight Woman is Desirable Too!

    I want to be like when I come here ...I want to lose weight ...I m not fat ....I m medium size ...I try gym but I don't have motivation. ...
    by Daiana20Hidden Profile May 29 harrow, Cambridgeshire UK
  • groose

    RE: The Overweight Woman is Desirable Too!

    by the way i like what i see
    by groose May 11 kamloops, British Columbia Canada
  • groose

    RE: The Overweight Woman is Desirable Too!

    who cares what you look like
    by groose May 11 kamloops, British Columbia Canada
  • kyz249Hidden Profile

    RE: 4 New Dating Terms You Need To Know

    well seen :-))
    by kyz249Hidden Profile May 8 Marciac, Midi-Pyrenees France
  • PrincePronth
  • Skipper4ever

    RE: Why Long Distance Relationships are Doomed to Fail

    Thats a good Question...i can wait i can live in a far distance relationship. When she can even wait for me its allright. I search for a Women who thinks even so in the Caribbean. Its a pity but thats in all long distance relationships the same. I think the the basics is to trust each other. There are a lot oft pretty boys and girls around the globe. And its not a crime to look them when you be true to your one.
    by Skipper4ever May 5 Mihla, Germany
  • Skipper4ever

    RE: 5 Things You Should NOT Do, If You’re NOT Married

    yay Very Funny but tell me how to keep a German job when you immigrate to other country in a few years. So its a personal deciding and work is everywhere Jobs are everywhere but the place you live is choosen by anyone self. And when i can bring my job with me its less important. The only Question that must be answered is love strong enough or not. In gold times its easy whats about More difficult times in life that anyone have? If that breaks a relationship then it is not real love.
    by Skipper4ever May 5 Mihla, Germany
  • whitelily1

    RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

    Beware if the profile stated " God fearing" or "Godly people"

    Using word dear, darling, love , hun in early contact.
    And very common in a short time communication in the message they already doing drama mental abused
    with very emotionals sentences put us in the corner with
    no chance to explain. They design the communication to be a totaly screwup missunderstood conversation.
    Full with anger.. left us wondering .,what had happen ? laugh
    Very abnormal communication if you logicaly analyze.
    Carefull when they show a live C2C in Skype, the video is looping. We can only see them in 3 second
    If we ask to turn on again the cam.. they will be very angry..and said "you dont trust me ???"
    doh confused no chance to have an interactive conversation through the cam

    You right, Blue cypres, their english language is perfect textbook. Keep me wonder what kind of English translator apps are they using ? confused
    by whitelily1 May 4 Jakarta, Indonesia
  • BlueCypress

    RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

    We all can be victims of our own creations within virtual reality. I had an experience on this site and must say, I always felt a bit ahead and wondered what would happen next. I always had the impression that the person doesn't really answer my thoughts, even though it was in perfect English. Soon I felt some sort of jealousy from her site. She wanted real love and therefore someone trustworthy. Suddenly the adventure enrolled and it didn't take long. "I received a phonecall from Africa", she wrote. "My mom had a terrible car accident and can´t speak nor move anymore." I have to fly as soon as possible to see her." I asked: "Your mother?" - "Yes. My parents died in a car accident when I was young and she was the one taking care of me. I will have to go and arrange things for her there... she´s working for an orphanage..." It was really exciting for me to experience this sort of story and to imagine it all along. Then the hello from Ghana. We were trying to Skype but it didn't´t work. She wrote about the doctors, the children, her birthday which she would celebrate with the children etc.. And then another story: "I left my purse in the taxi from the airport. All was in there, my money, cards..."- "I need money." ....following suggestions where to deposit money, emotional persuasions and so on. I felt nearly embalmed with words but no love which made me quit the conversation. It was the most perfect and complex story. Heartbreaking. Maybe I am wrong but the goal of our chats has always been disguised in a dramatic and very professional way. I sure do hope that this contact could pay her ticket back to the States in the end.
    by BlueCypress May 4 Stuttgart, Germany
  • Jao1961

    RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

    Well there's another! Actually had the message typed to me but pasted it 3 times and became one paragraph.
    by Jao1961 Apr 27 Nowhere, New York USA
  • Jao1961

    RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

    I'm not offended in anyway shape or form. Simple reason being, I am part Native American, German. I live in a town with the Seneca tribe on a reservation. The town is the reservation. And some Native people do not have dark hair or dark complexion. I am darker than some enrolled natives. Some have brown hair or black with blue eyes! And that is very striking. Some are very light with light blonde hair. Some that have the stereotype features are not enrolled natives. :-) Just saying don't judge by movies books and oh there's no teepees or wigwams I was asked that once when giving directions. Silly people
    by Jao1961 Apr 26 Nowhere, New York USA
  • Jao1961

    RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

    Lmao! I just had a "gentleman's profile read they are 4 foot and 3 inches tall. Told him go away not real and promptly blocked. =-O applause
    by Jao1961 Apr 26 Nowhere, New York USA
  • lovecanbereal

    RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

    To me one of the main hallmarks of the scammer, is to pressure you in the first one or two messages to respond to a private email address. This is to avoid the scrutiny of moderators on the site, and also to avoid being blocked. Watch for this as most scammers will try these tactics.
    by lovecanbereal Apr 25 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
  • skumarsk

    RE: The Overweight Woman is Desirable Too!

    Good article teddybear
    by skumarsk Apr 24 Manali, India
  • whitelily1

    RE: 4 Signs You're Getting Played Online

    Yes, been there, and those shity are a real man!
    Must be they've been mentaly and emotionaly abuse by bad experience of scams.
    The worst is they wount show up when the times come to meet face to face, the best sissy coward !
    And perhaps they are so ugly like a troll!
    So,what is the difference with a scammers digging wallets
    and him scamming emotion and mentality ?
    by whitelily1 Apr 22 Jakarta, Indonesia
  • worldwide2

    RE: Five Ways to Tell He’s Good in Bed

    Indeed this would be like a dream come true to find these qualities in a Man. I think I may have come close, but time will tell banana applause teddybear heart beating
    by worldwide2 Apr 22 RUTLAND, Cambridgeshire, England UK
  • whitelily1


    Positive thinking, eat healthy food, sleep enough, regular sports or daily walking, reduce using chemicals on skin
    Be kind to people, stop nagging ,bulying, anger to others
    More love and laughter and drink wine !

    wine kiss
    by whitelily1 Apr 20 Jakarta, Indonesia
  • whitelily1

    RE: Five Ways to Tell He’s Good in Bed

    Ah..good to know this..
    Now im looking for A single guy with the above refferences

    grin grin
    by whitelily1 Apr 20 Jakarta, Indonesia
  • whitelily1

    RE: 5 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Lawyer

    Tentacles ? confused
    by whitelily1 Apr 16 Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Gralum

    RE: How to Dress to Attract a Man: A Guide for Women over 40

    The best dress a woman can wear is a smile. We men are simple like that, yet women want to make it so complicated. Granted, you do look very good when you through the handbook of dress and makeup codes, but....back to the start of this paragraph. :)
    by Gralum Apr 16 Dublin, Ireland
  • whitelily1

    RE: How to Dress to Attract a Man: A Guide for Women over 40

    Im agree , but not for attracting man !
    Please look at the positive angle of this article
    I think all woman over 40s and nearly 50s like me
    wants to look different, it is time to spoil ourself
    looking fresh, younger, beautiful and fabulous!
    No need expensive treatment or expensive outlook
    Just make something different, changing style
    like grow longer hair or trim shorts, dyed with different colours
    More body exercise and reduce the extra weight will
    helping boost our confidence
    Dare to wear bright colours for clothes,
    Healthy life style and live with a positive mind and atitude.
    Sure this will bring a fresh change to an old person

    by whitelily1 Apr 15 Jakarta, Indonesia
  • whitelily1

    RE: 5 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Lawyer

    Only give them time to read books becose they need to digging more refferences. And that is their duty and responsibility.
    A time for self solitude.. becos they need to think, imagine, reconstruct the case looking for angle of solution. As i know they also think and imagine in theyr sleep!
    An argument or sharing opinion is good . It is helping refresh mind becos they can find options in every opinion.

    So i think A lawyer they are smart and an open minded person as long as it is logic and acceptable.
    the difference with other profession is, lawyer are excessively using brain and tounge !

    The rest is the same just like others with common profession
    by whitelily1 Apr 12 Jakarta, Indonesia

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