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RE: Five Ways to Tell He’s Good in Bed

I would say that to know if someone is amazing in bed, just look at someone's life this way:

Are they constantly improving their life in most areas? E.g. they keep house well, they have a strong interest and knowledge in areas of their life. E.g. they may love gardening and learning about plants, and they have something to show for it. E.g. they have an interesting garden.

If they are like this in many aspects of life, then they are 'probably' (there are no absolute guarantees) gonna be like this in bed. That's because they are open-minded, enjoy things, and will want to improve and enjoy things even more, over time.

RE: 5 Signs That The Man You're Dating Is More Trouble Than He's Worth

What if?

#1 There are ppl to carry things for both...
#2 Servants to serve both...
#3 There is no schedule...
#4 Just nothing better to do but lounge around and do nothing all day...
#5 Pays for everything...
That's me, do you know what happens to us, google up the 70s song " Millie Jackson - You Created a Monster"
and when that monster is made, its the same thing as giving someone enough rope to...and EVERY female does.

RE: Don’t be a passion-killer: Avoid the common dating mistakes men make

Agree that preparation is key. You MUST know exactly what you’re talking about and you must be able to present a little comedy to lighten the mood. Keep your speech simple and short, no one likes a speech that rambles on unless it’s extremely entertaining and even then it can get boring.
Great tips, they have boosted my confidence level. kiss

RE: To Social Distance or not To Social Distance - 4 Tips for Dating During the Pandemic

Very good advice.

Content is key and stories make the ears prick, those that were not listening start to listen when the story starts.

Practice makes perfect also, you’ll make a few mistakes first but you have to be willing to just go for it. That is where I am struggling.

Thank you!

RE: 5 Ways You Can Tell If A Woman Is Desperate

Deperate Desperate......and I thought it was love...or could it a form of control mixed with insecurity...Not knowing the boundaries. applause

RE: Ten Reasons a Man Should Cook

The thing is, cooking is a wonderful skill. You can make the most awesome dishes yourself! Never a dull dinner, coz you're always perfecting and trying new dishes. Voila!

RE: 3 Signs You’re Dating A Generous Man

Three hints you are dating a gold digger, or worse, a scammer. 1, She claims to be an artiste, but it never pays the bills. That's your always job. 2, She put the word "handsome" somewhere in her first unsolicited note to you. 3, First two points usually will do for the wise. I am all about your three points, but try to be wise about the ladies. Experientia docet. R.

RE: Why Having Your Buttons Pushed is Valuable

The unexamined life is one lived poorly.

RE: What you should know about Online Dating over 50

""...................... Statistics have proven that just is not true. What a person over fifty is looking for is a great companion that takes reasonably good care of themselves. So be proactive, don't sit around, simply get up and open the door on the rest of your life. The best is yet to come. ................................... "
Statistics have proven ????????
WHAT statistics ?
(University PEER REVIEWED study links, please)

>>>>> I do not believe a word of those spin-doctor wordings.
I have an accademic background and I can smell 999% source lacking nonsence from a mile distance.

Niche category persons who are 'love searching' are almost totally out of succesfull dating , once over the age of 50, 55, 60 ...
When ""love"" is reduced to blatant SEX, then, yes, anything goes...
Out of that (sorry) beastly category, the options become so thin, that the only option for "higher aged singles" (sex), is too creepy out-of-interest to get a new life, alone.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOBODY in the whole world, is catering for the wellfare of OLDER singles; who are explicitely NOT sex driven, to built out a new, worthwhile later social life.
Nothing at all...

RE: 4 Reasons To Stop Dating A Co-Dependent Man

Why single out men? Women can be the same!

RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

I think if posters wanna explain scammers modus operandi, they should do so in a general way. By giving specifics, you're arming them with what they need to NOT DO. Is that what you wanna do?

RE: Ten Tips for Choosing a Suitable Name for Your Puppy

Are you kidding? If I get a pupper, he's gonna be called Dave! :D

RE: 4 Reasons To Stop Dating A Co-Dependent Man

Accurate depiction of this type of man! Greta article. Thank you.

RE: Short Lived Romance

Your words are very inspiring . You are a wonderful mum with your wonderful children . You all deserve the right person in your life. Don't settle for less . That applies to all of us women and men but especially women who because we're mothers carers get so used to caring for others we forget that we deserve to be taken care of too not taken advantage of. The online world is full of predatory people don't fall prey fly fly away bring your children with you and enjoy the sunny days don't waste time on people who are simply not up to scratch .

RE: Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Marriage

Hundreds of Millions of people have been enslaved, ruined, and killed in, and by, their marriages.
All of you have seen the devastation, because of some outdated tradition, that always involved money or trade anyway. Marriage is STILL fake love, done for all the wrong reasons. You see what happens to people?? And that's only what you're allowed to see. There are Much More Murders in Marriage than in your wildest nightmares.
Go talk to SEVERAL DIFFERENT UNRELATED divorce lawyers before you think about marrying. If that doesn't stop you then go ahead and put yourself at the most extreme risk for no good reason at all and get married. And good F ing luck.

RE: What you should know about Online Dating over 50

Thanks for the encouraging words: I sometimes feel like doing this may be a waste of time (esp. with all the 'talk'/warnings about scammers) but as a woman in my fifties, I still think that searching for great companionship is worth the effort.

RE: 5 Signs You're Not Ready for a Relationship

Thanks for this; you made me do some self-examining, and I have resolved to be more mindful of these points as I move forward in my quest.

RE: 7 Online Dating Tips For Beginners

Thank you. I really appreciate this article, and hope that some more tips can be presented soon. Point 3 has me agreeing, and disagreeing at the same time because I think that one may appear desperate if one move's too quickly, which may, in turn, encourage potential scammers. What do you think? ,

RE: 7 Signs You're Being Catfished

I disagree with #1, at least at the beginning. You will likely end up on a spam list and get calls from telemarketers or scammers if you give a bunch of strangers your phone number. Even legitimate people might call you so often that it becomes annoying. I already get so many calls that I have to block anything from numbers I don't recognize.

Anyone who immediately asks you to move the communication offsite should be treated with suspicion. It's OK to video chat or talk on the phone after we have communicated here for a while, but not after the first message.

RE: Practically Bare Bosoms


RE: Practically Bare Bosoms


RE: Ten Reasons a Man Should Cook

As a child, as a youth, cooking for breakfast and coming home in the afternoon, porridge, eggs, stew, mince, vegetables was always my duty, making lunch. Parents, how can we not teach cooking, it is such a lifeskill! And that's not to mention attending the sink.

RE: Ten Signs He Really Loves You

Very insightful articles, Nos 1 and 10 are the key words here
Good eyes contact and genuine confession influence romantic connections

RE: 10 Reasons to Avoid Dating a Married Man

I just wanna say is that 80% of the relations between men and woman on this planet are ....polygamous!! So you might expect that the conclusion could be its is a natural behaviour for men to go for other woman, not??
Wrong! Wrong! even polygamous married men have to fulfil the duties of their marriage whether it is a monogamous or a polygamous one. Although men have more privileges in a marriage in other cultures.
When people cheat their partner they act with narcissistic intent and think purely in terms of their own interests and the rest is of no concern to them. That is why seducing bonded men is abhorrent and also playing with fire. (BTW. The same is valid the other way round!)
And what if the planned course of the affair turns against you?
On the other hand the temptation can be hard and strong but there is always a solution.......
Why don't you try ME, I am always available as a bachelor head bangerbanana rolling on the floor laughingcheering applause LOL

RE: Do you speak dog?

I do speak dog, but not always as well as I should. She's a mixed breed, with lots of personality. I've only had her for about 8 months (she's a rescue), but we're learning a lot from each other. She's a real Sweetie Pielove

RE: Are You Pushing Your Man into the Arms of Another Woman?

Great Artticle!
Everything Is Very True!
We Should Learn From This!
Thank You!

banana cheering applause drinking handshake head banger teddybear

RE: Get More Views to Your Profile

Hello dear I am neka from jamaica. Pls check out my profile I am interested to know each and anyone who leaves me a message thanks teddybear

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