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RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

It is a really great observation. Well done!

I would add something else though. Usually the scammer spreads as a first message long copy/paste text, with quite detailed information about their origin, education, occupancy and hobbies. It looks so sterile and well structured, that seems truly impossible and fake. The copy/paste text is easily recognisable and cannot be mistaken.

If you still hesitate, whether the sender is a scammer or not, just check the final paragraph of that very first message. If there is an email address, where you are kindly invited to answer to, just because "he doesn't visit often this website", then the person is most probably a scammer.

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RE: Get More Views to Your Profile

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RE: Get More Views to Your Profile


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RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

I find when the scammers message you they always start with Hi Beautiful ,I was viewing your profile and i Can;t get over your beauty so i thought i would drop you a line ..and then when you get to talking to them they tell you that they are widowed and that their wife died in a Car Accident and they have one child laugh

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RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

Just last week a guy called Frederick, we chatted, and in the conversation I did mention how much I want to leave my country and never come back, I also told him I have an adopted daughter. He was so quick on his feet to try to help me out, but told me my daughter cannot come....hhhhhh. Not leaving my daughter behind for love or a man or no better opportunity, she shares in it with me. I told him I not too keen because of all the human trafficking going on and we are two females. He said all the better to come alone....hhhhhhh.

So he asked me to upload my passport so that he could have the information to go to the embassy to prepare an invitation for me to come, so stupid, i did it along with my daughters, because i am adamant if i go she goes too, that was stupidscold

So two days passed, he does not communicate, I call the local police, and let them know my stupid mistake, so they contact the federal agency in the USA giving information on the documents and there codes and contents, and then Interpol now has the information.

So let's see what he can do with my documents.

Sometimes when your in a situation and you want to get out , the grass always looks greener on the other side, but take your time, there is nothing like magic, think through all the positive and negative of the situation and weigh the options cause I might just find out I have a large credit card bill because of the information i gave him, maybe a offshore bank account or maybe a copy of it next to someone's dead body, God forbid.confused

I am not on this site very long, but I'm learning to be more careful

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RE: 8 Relationship Deal Breakers

My ex GF had 6 of these going on. Of course, she would say she didn´t roll eyes

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RE: Why are scammers the most polite and complimentary?

I just want to say that all nice, polite and complimentary guys aren't "scammers"! I have no real experience with any "scamming" on this or any other site, beyond the relatively obvious "working girls". So I have no idea what others are experiencing, but some nice people are just that, and I hate to see a whole genre of personalities lumped in with the dregs of the society! I hope the whole world doesn't turn into a sea of jaded mistrust and suspicion, but I understand the effects of a con. Hopefully we can keep a sliver of trust in our hearts that SOME things are just as they seem, and not every person or event is filled with a conspiracy of hate and fear.

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RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

I would like to share my experience with the scamner named Mike
I have chatted Mike for less than 3 weeks thru email
And to my surprised he told me he will come to the Phil to meet me...
Even sending me the fake booked ticket ..
Since then I searched about his flight. .some info is correct like flight number, departure time
But perhaps the wrong thing there is no arrivals from Tokyo to cebu. ..all will arrived in Manila. .
Then on that day he landed supposedly he called me and asking money for his connecting flight to manila..because his excuse that his atm card is not yet activated . How come you will travel in other country without money at all but was able to buy sim card and was able to call me in Mobile
Well orchestrated scam but failed
Thks for my instinct.
I guess this is the new modus operandi of the scammers. .
He is well good in English
It seems that his intention is real
But all r lies just wanted to scam

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RE: 10 Tips a Guy Doesn't Want to Date You

Ladies must be aware of such wishy thinky man:

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RE: 10 Tips a Guy Doesn't Want to Date You

Very true and thanks for this post ??thumbs up roll eyes

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RE: What to Do When You Get Dumped

I dumped my ex because he cheated on me.very mad blues

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RE: Scam Profile Red Flags

This is really unbelievable,

I met a man doing scams. His english language so good and educated (my english not too good :)). When i'm asking him to make video call, he become angry and block me and what is the unbelievable moment, i found the story in one site with Rusian language, with his pic, doing scams for a woman.

what a crazy world.

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RE: Why Long Distance Relationships are Doomed to Fail

LDRs doomed to fail at the beginning simply bcoz both doesnt have the chemistry and bonds together to be in reality.. LDR is only meant to those who are committed to make things happen and havin the positive thought of possible things will achieve no matter what it takes. People who are in an LDR relationship that dont see themselves to be with the person from the other side of the world or see themselves to travel an hour or so to be with the person they thought they want to share their life with is the one who fails from the start its bcoz they themselves have no driven passion to pursue somethin,they are lack of confidence to try a new journey,or afraid to see new things ahead. LDR works only to those who have compassion in building a relationship with hopes and beliefs,to those who only see themselves to acquire a new facets of life,challenges ahead and facing the unknown. The only key for an LDR relationship is embracing the circumstances and nothing to fear of failure that things might not work out. Always remind yourself that what u want and what u dream about can only achieve if u are willing to do so and to undergo any trials along the way. LDR works if u have set goals in it,not if u dont.. Simple..:-)

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RE: Are You Dating a Sociopath? 5 Signs to Look For

I agree with most or all of this.
And it's just my opinion but i feel the #1 most important thing is your instincts. That uncomfortable feeling you have about somebody, even if you cannot nail it down, define, or explain it, IS CRUCIAL.
DONT let other people, anyone, even your own parents or most trusted teacher, tell you not to trust your own instincts. Or that you aren't "open-minded" enough, and you you "shouldnt judge people by first impression" or by their looks.
You can judge people ANY WAY YOU gosh darn well please! And whether or not you've ever been told this, judging people, often without telling others, is the way that people stay happy and safe.
You do NOT ever have to confront the people you judge, which should be everybody. Just KNOW. Or if you're not highly skilled, pull back from this person, and watch. And dont leave yourself vulnerable. And if you feel pressured, especially to put yourself at any sort situation where you personally feel is dangerous, then just get oout of it.
FORGET about hurting their feelings. Because when they get you where they want you, the last thing they're gonna worry about is hurting yours!

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RE: Why Long Distance Relationships are Doomed to Fail

Oh! Yes.. For a Ldr to actually work, I feel lots of effort/patience has to be made/agreed upon by the parties involved. Ldrs has worked for many, it depends also on if the two Individuals are really into each other ... Trust I would say is the key word for a Ldr to succeed. For e.g it's difficult to know what the other person is doing on a daily basis... If there are doubts that's where a problem begin and go down hill.
I feel to enhance a Ldr, its best to talk on a daily basis not mainly at nights and if one party can travel to visit the other in the midst, there's more chance of the relationship been a success.peace

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RE: Just DON'T Do It

I don't exactly know the person who has written this article. But it's like you have mentioned each and every moment with accurate precision. As if you yourself have lived this moment. I have gone through the same trauma; in fact still going through. This article bought me a temporary relief which nothing else could.
Thank you for this lovely article. God bless you.

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RE: Why Long Distance Relationships are Doomed to Fail

Moe. iam in a long distance relationship from this site. i never thought i could like some one so much with out ever meeting them. our plan is for her to come here to stay. and there have been some trouble getting it to happen. but i think it will happen.

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RE: Why Long Distance Relationships are Doomed to Fail

It can work if we are willing to do LDR
It works for busy people actually who wants some privacy
The biggest problem is only misscommunication.
If hes here i can touch and hugs him... and sure he will understand.
human touch is more than anything.heart wings

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RE: Ten Signs He Really Loves You

Ooh I wish i still can feel those signs i miss ..smitten

The one who use to show his attention and affection is gone
He is an angel angel

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RE: How To Make Him Crave You

Super advises , just need to find my Man and will do the best I can to make him crave me peace

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RE: Is He Into You? 14 Ways His Body Language Reveals His True Feelings

Thank you for alleviating some questions that might be in the back of my mind. However I'm very mindful that there is no doctorate or accademical achievement that can prepare a woman to fully understand a man.
I personally think it's wiser for a woman to discover herself and to know what she wants. Should she do this, it is only then it will become easier to handle the advances of the male species.

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RE: Why Long Distance Relationships are Doomed to Fail

i had a marriage and 4 wonderful years out of a long distance relationship. They are perfectly feasible if the parties know what they want and have the means to get together for meaningful lengths of time. I met her online in 2012, married her in 2014 and we moved only in with each other a year later. Sometimes when she was away in her country, we would turn Skype on for hours on end while we went about our town things. It was almost like having her in the same room.

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RE: 5 Secret Tips to Great Kissing

Hi Guys
I liked the kissing article, as an old geezer I should have known this but I did not. Kissing is the first intimate contact between a man and woman so it should be done right for a long relationship,

your tips are great and hopefully people will take it in.

The extras you suggest are well worth the effort.
A Big Thank the Girls !.!!

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RE: Romance Scammers, Con Artists, Predators, and Pathological Criminals Have No Guilt

Thanks alot for all the tips and warnings.
It's so nice to read these articles and they are very helpful.

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RE: Are Affairs more acceptable for men than women?

Cheating by any other name, IS still cheating!

~JOHN~ said dat . banana

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RE: Is Your Relationship Based on Sex?

Totally explained what ive just experienced for myself! Sucks!

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RE: Making Him Wait: Why it’s Brilliant

Yes effort brings reward right.
I also agree, once you are intimate you do overlook things because your mostly very happy. If you are happy to be mostly happy in life for short periods of time while you are is a quick relationship then don't wait.
However if you want to find something meaningful and be a whole lot happier for the long term, then I think perhaps it will be worth the wait.
confused dunno

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RE: What to Do When You Get Dumped

if you were with me id never dump you your pretty

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RE: The Overweight Woman is Desirable Too!

I want to be like when I come here ...I want to lose weight ...I m not fat ....I m medium size ...I try gym but I don't have motivation. ...

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