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16 Simple Ways to Make a Woman Want You

16 Simple Ways to Make a Woman Want You

Women aren't as complicated as you think we are. We just want respect, attention, and support. Unfortunately for us, many men just don't get it. But what's not good for us might just be good for you. If you can show that you're different from the average guy, you can capture a woman's heart. Here are 16 easy ways to get her attention and make her want you.

1) Have a plan.

Women don't want to be micro-managed, but sometimes it's nice not to have to make decisions. You know what she likes, or you should if you've been paying attention. Make a reservation at a restaurant or choose which movie to see and where.

2) Stay calm under pressure.

Life doesn't always go as planned. When you face a bump in the road, just handle it. Freaking out makes you look inept and puts the pressure on the woman to fix everything. A man who can handle himself in a stressful situation is a gem.

3) Go old school with chivalry.

Yes, they are strong and independent. Women can open their own doors and can probably handle danger just as well as you can. But it sure is impressive when a man shows some classic chivalry.

Walk near the traffic, open the car door, and offer your coat. These little things can be bigger than you think.

4) File away specific information.

When a woman mentions her favorite color or admires a particular flower, make a mental note. You can surprise her later with something she will truly love, and the fact that you were listening makes the gesture even more special. That also goes for remembering upcoming challenges or special events.

5) Apologize when you are wrong.

Everyone makes mistakes. If you were wrong, say so. Say it even if you think your lady was wrong, too.

Be sincere, and apologize specifically for what you did rather than saying you're sorry for the way she felt or the way she heard something. Those are lame apologies, and they will not earn you any respect.

6) Try something new because she likes it.

So many men refuse to give new experiences a whirl because they've already decided it's not for them. Get over yourself and join her in something she loves. The worst that can happen is you'll hate it.

7) Be independent of your parents.

If you are an adult, you should be taking care of yourself. Living with your parents to save money or just because you like your parents is fine, but show you are taking responsibility for your own life. If Mom is still doing your laundry, however, and paying for your car insurance and buying your toothpaste, it's time to make a change.

8) Support her career.

Many men don't care at all about what a woman does at work. Be the guy who supports her in her career. Understand if she needs to skip a date because she has a big meeting to prepare for or if she's overwhelmed by work stress. Let her know by your words and actions that her career is just as important as yours.

9) Give specific compliments.

Every woman has heard that she has pretty eyes or a nice smile. Those are great things to say, but they won't make you stand out.

Instead, tell her that the color she's wearing looks amazing with her skin or that the way she styles her hair makes you want to reach out and touch it. Tell her you love the compassionate way she listens to you or how much your dog loves her. Effective compliments are specific and out of the ordinary.

10) Help someone, but don't brag about it.

If you see an old lady struggling with her bag or a stranger needs a jump in the parking lot of a restaurant, don't hesitate to help. It shows her that you are a good, kind person.

After the act, keep your mouth shut. You lose credibility when you point out your good deeds.

11) Remind her to be safe.

It's OK to show that you are about her well-being. Don't demand that she call you when she arrives home, but do remind her to drive safely and tell her that you worry about her.

12) Be nice to her friends.

Most women respect the opinion of their friends, so it just makes sense for you to impress them. When you're in a group of her friends, smile and show them you're interested in what they have to say. Be attentive. If you treat them better than their boyfriends do, you will get big points.

13) Ask her for advice.

Show that you value her intellect and decision-making abilities by asking for her input on a personal issue you are facing or a challenge at work.

Avoid throwing your problems into her lap, or you will come off looking incompetent. Instead, ask her how she would handle the situation.

14) Put down your phone.

Just put it down. Be with her.

If you need to take an urgent call, then apologize profusely and explain why you have to take it. It should be a good explanation like your mother is calling with updates on your dad's recent hospital visit, or the babysitter is calling about your kid.

Ignoring her to talk or text with a friend sends the message that you value the other person more.

15) Consider physical intimacy special.

Set some guidelines when it comes to sex, even though you don't want to. Let her know that you are insanely attracted to her but that you want your time together to be meaningful and unique. Then plan carefully for that first intimate time, or even for the first kiss if you are conservative.

Women are used to men who are willing to have sex at any time and under any circumstances just because it's sex. Be better than that. Show her that you know she deserves better.

16) Do the right thing.

Make honest, morally and ethically correct choices even if it means not getting what you want when you want it. Do it even if it means you have to cut your date short or cancel time together.

If you want a long-term relationship with a woman, you need to show her that you are a good person who does what is right even if it means personal sacrifice.

You don't have to be a supermodel to be attractive to women. In fact, the trick is just to be better than all those jerks that she meets every day.

Most women just want a good man. Show that you care about her personal life and respect who she is, and go out of your way to make her feel special.

Comments (6)

and if she don't treat you with all the respect you deserve after being that man for your entire relationship. What are you suppose to do? You can make a woman want you, but you cannot make a woman truly love you, just because you stand out from the rest. I know, because my mother taught me how to show a woman that your a man, that pays attention and does the little things. and I have had plenty of woman want me. Heck I even married a couple of them. but dang it. It won't guarantee that she will love you, just that she will want you. I want to be truly loved, not just wanted. I can get that anywhere.
"None of it means anything if you don't have a spark with her. You cannot manufacture attraction." This comment is just a BS. The article says '16 simple ways to make a woman want you' and I do agree with the staff who wrote the article. Women who have been through a failed relationship will want to know if the next man is different from the last 'jerk'. And spark (borrowing from the BS comment) don't just come. Something has to ignite and cause the spark. What the writer mentions can cause the spark and make a guy stand out.

I give a candid example. I had a date and she went out of her way to do her hair, as she puts it, 'just for me' and I failed to comment on the hair. Later she called me to ask if I liked her hair. I said I did. Her next response clearly is in line with one of the writer's tips. She said, I didn't comment on it and I am just like the others.

I want to stress here that men should not confuse complimenting with harassing. These are two different things. There are ways to compliment a lady and not make s*xual comments that harasses.

Good tips staff.
None of it means anything if you don't have a spark with her. You cannot manufacture attraction
So good,Bravo!¡!!!!teddybear

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