Money Can’t Buy Love... or Can It?

Money Cant Buy Love or Can It

It's been said many times that money can't buy love. However, people sometimes do get involved in relationships for the sake of money rather than love. It's definitely the wrong reason to commit to a relationship, and pretending to love someone simply because they are wealthy can lead to a disastrous ending. Of course, relationships can be tricky and there are two sides to everything. There are also people who will try to use their money to buy love and keep a partner in the relationship. These types of relationships typically don't last long. The problem is that people look in all the wrong places for love.

Why do people look in all the wrong places for love? One of the main reasons is loneliness. People just don't want to be alone, and if they've spent a long time looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, they might just get desperate. They might feel they have to settle for whoever comes along. They might also feel that bribery will get them someone to love, and then more bribery, usually in the form of gifts, will keep them in the relationship.

If you've just started dating someone and that person is buying you gifts, paying for all of the dates and offering to take you on an expense paid vacation, tread carefully. These are red flags that the person is trying to buy your affection. You may think that person is just being nice, and maybe that's true, but there could be a hidden motive. While there are some nice, generous people in the world, there are also some people that will do what it takes to get the love, attention and affection that they crave.

It is easy to fall into this kind of trap. Who doesn't like being lavished with gifts and treated extravagantly? However, you have to ask yourself why someone who barely knows you would be willing to pay your phone bill and fix your car. He or she may be your guardian angel, but they may also be expecting more than friendship or a casual dating experience. When a person starts paying your bills and buying you the things you want, it is likely they are expecting you to commit to a long-term relationship in return. That's fine if that's what you want too. But if you have a different view of the relationship, things can quickly get complicated. If you're not in love with them or ready to settle down, they might ask why you took their gifts or money. They may believe that you feel the same way about them that they feel about you because you accepted their money and/or gifts.

People that try to buy love can easily be used by unscrupulous individuals. The sad part is that the person buying the gifts often knows they are being used and willing to accept that fact, as long as they feel loved and needed by the user. Not everyone can be bought either. Some people realize what is happening when someone they just start dating begins lavishing them with gifts. They try to break off the relationship, but it can be difficult when the person is very domineering and possessive.

It is important to make your feelings clear at the first sign of any red flags. If you don't feel the same about your partner, make sure they know that. If you only want a casual relationship and aren't in it for the long-term, don't lead them to believe it will go any further. Don't take advantage of someone because of things they can buy you. Love is based on trust and a deep caring for a person, not on money or material possessions. If you're looking for love, don't try to buy it. True love is priceless.

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Well, it sounds very good to say that 'Money can't buy love' but in reality money is needed to maintain love. If you are sick, you need money for treatment, you need money to travel somewhere, you will need money for everything. You can't ignore money.
suppose you are a very good, decent, honest, helpful, kind-hearted person but you don't have enough money then people will respect you, love you but no one will marry you. Because even though money is not needed in love-life, but money is needed in married-life. Love and marriage are two different things. Love is an emotion(feeling) and marriage is a responsibility(commitment).
It is easy to love but difficult to maintain love for lifelong. A balance has to be maintained between feelings and money.

By the way, only things should be bought with money, feelings should not be bought with money. Because love acquired in the wrong way does not last. So use money in the right way and get love with your virtues.
YES LOVE can be purchased.
Oxytocin(Love hormone $208/10ml)
Dopamine(Happy hormone $270.8/10ml)
Girlfriend for rent in Japan is JPY12,000 basic
Money wins everytime...sorry 2 say.
pfiii..sure if I win the euromillion Iam the "connectingmugs"king !typing
Many girls ,leave men when the wahlet is emty , maybe .laugh
Good advice, but i wonder how much a virtual date would cost?confused

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