4 Things You Do That Lower Your Value in Other's Eyes

4 Things You Do That Lower Your Value in Others Eyes

If you don't have high value in your eyes and in the eyes of others, it can lead to people taking advantage of you. You might not set proper boundaries for yourself that lead to you being under-valued. Here are four things that you might be doing to lower your value in the eyes of others.

1. You don't respect your own time

If you don't respect your time, others won't either. If you reply to texts immediately, people will think that you have nothing better to do with your time. They can take advantage of this by controlling when you talk or expecting you to be around whenever they need you. If you're busy at any given moment, don't feel that you need to stop and reply to texts. Most people won't be sitting there waiting for your reply anyway unless it's important. If you have plans to meet up with people and they are chronically late, this is probably happening because they know you'll be waiting no matter how late they are. In order to show respect for your own time, leave after ten minutes if someone is late without a phone call or text to you. This will teach them to be on time.

2. You gossip

Gossiping is a bad habit that isn't attractive to many people. If you are a gossip and spend your time talking badly about others, people won't think highly of you. When you want other's to see your value, show that you can see the value in others. Instead of belittling people, find positive things to say. If you hang around people who gossip, change the company you hang out with. By gossiping to one person about another person you will lower your value as a friend in many people's eyes. No one likes to be gossiped about.

3. You allow yourself to be ignored

Relationships and friendships are two-way streets. If you have relationships that are all about the other person, this is a sign that you aren't valued by yourself or the other person. It's a good thing to be able to discuss issues involving someone when they come up but to only focus on one person 100% of the time is not a healthy relationship. By allowing someone to ignore your life and needs is allowing them to devalue you as a person.

4. You constantly put yourself down

If you are always talking negatively about yourself, you are telling people why they shouldn't value you. Avoid complaining too much and fishing for compliments. These actions tell people that you don't know how great you are. Even if you are insecure about yourself, it's better to work on those areas instead of just talking about them. Focus on talking about your strengths more than your weaknesses.

In order for others to value you, you must value yourself. You don't need to compromise your time and self-respect in order to make anyone like you. If you believe you are a good person and expect respect, others will see your value.

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