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Why Most Men Get Scammed!!!

Sex is one of the simplest reasons why most men are scammed; it is not really that they seek love. No, most don't seek love. They want to import a "sex slave girl", they want to import beauty and not good heart. Someone they can order around, someone who they thought is not civilized or Americanized. A housemaid, a cook, a cleaner, someone not so exposed and a sexual mechanical tool. Someone who will be submissive to every single word and command because they know very well that they cannot control western ladies, so they seek love beyond territories of "I know my human right and I have my Lawyer" and at that they get blinded to simple formulae of establishing love relationship which must be in the hand of Time.

Come to think of it, how will I think of loving someone I haven't met in person, that's stupidity; do I know if she has AIDS or some other venerable diseases? A true emotion ignites while I am looking into her eyes face to face, holding her hands and when I might have spent time with her in so many dinner outings, watching movie together or some other fun thrillers. Chatting online and talking on phone may not necessarily be enough to ascertain her likes and dislikes. I will need to meet this person face to face and since this is what I wanted so much, tradition demands that I should go and meet her, possibly see her family formally and not trying to steal their daughter through the back door. Well, if you think that I am wrong please pen me...... One Love!!!

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Just today I was called "not open minded" by a man, who showed on camera with naked chest. I said I prefer dressed men. He responded that he would not bother me more because he is into "open minded women". Big loss for me haha. This man is looking for fast, easy, possibly free sex or at least sex chat and does not want to make the effort to deserve it or to please the other person. I have encounter many like him. Yes, too many men, just want to take and consume. Look at the ones that are putting age limits 15 and more years less than their own age. This is energy vampirism. No, you do not have "chip on your shoulder" as someone said here, you are absolutely right. I would add, this kind of people deserve to be scammed.
You are correct! Most men 'think' with their p*nis instead of their brain. Hence the scams. Quod erat demonstrandum.............
mayor uve got a strong traditional values..kudos to u..
I really enjoyed reading your article, it was honest and thought provoking.

Well done. Miry
Good article ,, peace
Where men are concerned sex is the `key`to their being..if they get scammed, ...there just dumb a**` devil
Most of the time, as an older person of looking around at others, I think that old men with money in Canada and USA take to Asian ladies because they are petite and feminine. These men take advantage of the poor for sure, but do not worry, there are so many wonderful stories that Asian women get these old men where it hurts eventually -- they cause these men heart attacks and yay, they get all the money !!
Very informative topic folks ,an interesting read ,unfortunately it just goes round in a circle like most discussions do ,,
No offence meant

Good and not to good in All walks of life im afraid , and im even still learning myself ,,we certainly are none of us the same ,,

Bad Apples good Apples dunno
On-line or off-line ya still get ya bad apples, men and women. Makes no difference. Just got to learn to read the signs and take it slow cool
You point out some very valid things but in this world where a person can "meet" then "establish a relationship" then "marry" after only meeting weeks ago on the Internet has become common place to too many.

Men travel or pay for plane tickets so that a woman can travel to them. Is this out of laziness or disillusionment that love can simply be found at

Everyone both men and women get scammed. Men get scammed because we tend to think that we have made a true conquest. Women get scammed because they think they have finally found their "true love".

Sure the Internet "brings" people closer together but actually provides more methods for someone to get hurt, scammed, abused, etc.
maybe you are right in some points but you know ,there is a lot of women on the net is scammer and cheaters..most of the women that I met them on the net,they were told me they looking for true love with something of romantic then they ask me, how much they pay you monthly in job.?.then, they ask me to help them in money I shocked of them they were just cheaters they are not looking for love they just looking for scam,therefore i lost my trust in most of women
the thing is if a man thinks of buying a bride and gets stung then he's bought what he deserves purly on the basis that its a lust for greed exchange ... the emotional seakers amoung us are always the last to fit in anywhere. western scociaty has become " dissposable " with a quickfix IE: sex being the be all and end all of relationship ... and I know the ladies will be able to understand what I mean, with men targeting forlorn warm hearted women for just a sick quest to knot his bed to mark how many women he's ruined the life of...
what happend to wholesome romatic walks hand in hand and dissplay's of offection ... I mean wow ! you dont see couples kissing in the bus stop's anymore, or saying I love you so the world can hear them... and is depressing that its an issue.
the same sex lovers still do it and while some would snipe " get a room " I think its heartwarming that the love exsists in what ever form ... its about seeinhg the beauty and the emotion in a person ... and not concentrating on the pysical side of the relationship ...
Thank you!cheers
Mate, I'm penning you because I agree with you whole heartedly.
Well written!!!cheers
Men get scammed because their alot more desperate than women! Women are much more likely to lead with their brains when evaluating risk and not with the contents of thier underwear. Plus,women are more intelligent than men,i'm sorry to say!!!!
I think that you are right about meeting someone and knowing what they are really like in person. This does not encourage us to meet someone online does it? But could there be honest people who are in for an interest and experience they would like to share with others and find the right match maybe? Some are looking for love outside cant find that right one they search online. For the westernised woman I agree a little but there is one disadvantage that makes woman become submissive and become sex slaves dont you think. A working and educated woman would be confident about herself and have a high selfesteem and money to take care of herself. She would not be submissive then a woman who comes from a poor background and does not have anything to support herself rather submit to the man that can provide for her. Its is the type of lifestyle that gives a woman her confidence and power to control herself avoiding abuse. You dont have to look outside most times and give that woman right in front of you some happiness and confidence that she can say what she feels inside that she has the right to say what she feels in the relationship with her. Communication is lack rather its the mans desire that count most times for vulnerable woman. For that thanks for the thought you brought up there. I really like it and wish some others can share what they think so we can compare out thoughts.
I heard a lot lovers across countries had sex when they meet for the first time. It's really dangerous, just like you said in your articles. who knows if they have Aids or not. I met a lot this kind of men online. They come to China is only for fresh sex instead of finding true love. I'll never fall in love with a man unless spend enough time with him. just like you said face to face or see his familly etc. That's why some men said I'm too picky. That's why I can't find a ideal man though I can speak some English. But I just regard process as the result. I enjoy surfing on this website. I don't care too much if I can find him or not. or I would be unhappy.

So in certain sense, some silly women with low IQ also get scammed in fact. or maybe those women don't think that are scammed. Who knows!

When a cat play a ball, how can we know if cat play ball or ball play cat?
That is very true...and I have met someone on this site who wanted to scam me, but I managed to report ladies and gents...keep a watch out for those money hungry people who will do just about anything to get into your wallet and bank account...DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR BANK DETAILs TO ANYONE, unless you feel like Father Christmas. lol scold
the internetis by nature a scam if you are serge brin it is fagulous if you are an ordinary person like everyoneon thi site you are scammed apriori-look everyoneis different- i am only interested in love- however women are only interestedin their children and pets so- you cannot win as a psychiatrist, iam predicinting a global gay revolution by 2020 since if you remember themusic of the 60;s where men adored females that time in history is over- it is just about sex now- go to craigislist if thatis your thing and it will surpirse youhow may female want onenighters it is getting out of hand doctoriragruber
Thank you for your warm support.peace
Interesting point of view. You are an honorable man.
Excellent article!

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