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IRS Is Going To Switzerland

IRS Is Going To Switzerland

A deal with Switzerland settling U.S. demands for the names of suspected tax dodgers from a Swiss bank has a lot of wealthy Americans with offshore ac...

Unknown3,2253Aug 2009Nov 2022
Scary Events That Made It Seem Like the World Was Ending

Scary Events That Made It Seem Like the World Was Ending

Are the so-called Doomsday Preppers onto something? There have been a stunning number of cataclysmic events in recent years. Even if they do not spell...

Staff4,1950Nov 2014
South Africa The Rape Capital

South Africa "The Rape Capital"?

Rape has become the scourge of our country! It has become a daily occurance! CNN labeled us the "Rape Capital". I ask what are men doing? No not every...

angil072,8501Feb 2013Feb 2013
connecting singles match up

connecting singles match up

After a year of dating that started on this site  June 16, 2012 Longterm11 and Slywolfz were married thanks to a match up from connecting singles...

wolfz2,9172Aug 2012Dec 2012
Susan Boyle Why are we shocked

Susan Boyle.. Why are we shocked?

Susan Boyle has stunned the world with her unexpected, powerful voice on Britain's Got Talent. Judges admitted cynicism, admitted judging a "book by i...

sisu87,7187Apr 2009Sep 2012
Science is Blessing or Disaster

Science is Blessing or Disaster

Science has advanced the life of human being to a level that could never be imagined before. People can move from one place to another in hundreds of...

Unknown2,4680Jul 2012


Hello,dear readers! Nice to meet you in my blog. Its my first article in this journal,so i want to start from the astrology,as i understand the curren...

Unknown2,8450Sep 2010
Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

In the beginning, like Webster Tarpley, many American people believed that Senator Hillary Clinton would be the first female President in American his...

Unknown3,0171Dec 2009Sep 2010

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