Sneaky Ways to Turn a Woman On

Sneaky Ways to Turn a Woman On

Champagne, flowers, Maroon 5... you know the essentials for setting up a traditional seduction scene. But sometimes, the key to really turning a woman on isn't about telling her how much you want her. Instead, there are times when the secret to a successful seduction is to quietly advertise all of the reasons she should want you.

Think of it this way: lots of times, subliminal theater messages make you crave candy and popcorn a whole lot more that a flashy billboard does. In the spirit of these low-key tactics, here are some stealth maneuvers to get you started:

Fix a Leaky Faucet

Or change her tire. Or repair the toaster that's been broken for a month. Or put the unwieldy jug on the office water cooler. Women love to watch a man be, well, manly. And the tradition of manly men fixing broken things dates back to the first Neanderthal that patched a hole in his cave wall. (And was, most assuredly, rewarded handsomely for his trouble.)

If you are going to cash in on this primal attraction, then there are some important rules to keep in mind. First, do it in her presence. You want to get as many brownie points as possible, and the best way to manage that is to make sure she actually sees you being handy. Also, it's sexy for a woman to watch her man work up a sweat. Next, make sure you actually know what you're doing. Don't offer to replace her carburetor if you have no idea where to find the engine on her Honda. Finally, swearing is perfectly acceptable, but complaining is a big no-no.

Turn the Phone Off

Women are serious about their schedules, and for the most part, plan their days down to a T. If she's set aside time for you, she'll want to know that you've done the same for her. Answering calls, texting the boys, and checking the score of the big game throughout your evening together will turn a lady off faster than a cold shower.

You might think that "checking in" with your boss, family, and friends makes you seem busy and in-demand, but in reality you're just coming off as arrogant, selfish, or insecure. Let her see you shut it off and put it away – you'll be giving her a clear signal that when you're with her, she has all of your attention.

If you absolutely must take a call or text, briefly let her know why, and then make it quick.

Read a Book

That's right. A real, honest to goodness book.

Stepping away from the Xbox controller and cracking open a book (paper or e-reader variety, doesn't matter) can actually help you seal the deal. Here's the deal – women read. And like everything they do, women like to talk about their reading. What genres they enjoy, the last book they read, their favorite authors... it's a topic they are usually passionate about. And any time you can tap into a woman's passion and show off your brainy side at the same time, you're golden. Also, reading in public, be it a park, coffee shop or book store, gives women a great excuse to come up and talk to you.

Listen to Her

Ok, so this may seem like a no-brainer. But there's a difference between hearing what she's saying and really listening. If she's had a rough day, turn off the TV, put down your iPad, and give her your full attention. Make eye contact with her, and offer her a shoulder if she needs one. You don't need to fix everything that's wrong in her world; just knowing that you're on her side will make her feel instantly closer to you. And in a woman's mind, closeness is tantamount to sexiness.

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These things work......applause
While I agree that these things will work, don't use sneaky tactics to get sex. scold A woman is not turned on by seeing you perform these acts. She feels loving and responsive to you because you took the time to do these things. heart beating It shows you care about her. If you're only doing things for her to "score" or keep track of what she "owes" you, then don't bother. People in a relationship, who care about each other, want to do nice things for the other person. There should be no ulterior motive involved.

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