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Pardon me, just typing thoughts down.

I recently got back from a weeklong trip to be with my biological family. (I say biological because I'm adopted. So technically, I have two families.) A lot of things have happened, from amazing to slightly scary. I guess I'll start with the scary and say I just found out my medical family history. The family line has a high rate of breast cancer. Well, that's just a perfect thing to find out over a previously pleasant dinner! uh oh What do I do? How do I prevent this from happening even though I'm just 21 now?! It frightens me a bit, especially since I had a 3rd cousin just get over her own chemo from breast cancer.
The amazing part was to go to Fantasy Con with my sister and her mother. It was so fun getting some attention there while I was dressed up as Princess Luna from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. very happy My sister dressed up as one of her own characters, but then changed to a plague doctor in the latter half of the visit, leading one person to think she was dressing up as a sketsy from The Dark Crystal. The mother dressed up as a sorceress.
Plus, I got to see several celebrities up close, and even some I didn't expect to see like the adult cast of YouTube's popular Kid History!
Bought a corset there and wore it the whole day with my cosplay as well, but I was given crap from my family when I couldn't bend over in the car to get a drink that fell on the floor because of it. rolling on the floor laughing All in all, that day was extremely exhausting, but it was a good day. Come to think of it, I could never find that one woman this person there said was cosplaying as Princess Cadence... would have made a fun selfie. One blog alone just couldn't describe all the amazing things I saw at Fantasy Con!
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My mother has narcissistic personality disorder, and I am sick of the small community I live in turning their backs to the obvious elephant in the room. very mad They've seen how she can be, yet they do nothing. They call her Sister in church because she acts so nice with little children, yet I know people who saw how horrible she was to her coworkers when she worked at the hospital/senior citizens center as a CNA. I have no idea if she was mean to the tenants or not, but it shames me to see her act the way she does outside our home.
I already know how my mother is, why can't others see it? The very few who have seen her real side end up running for the hills. I wish I could just do that. Yet... she is the payee of my disability benefits. How can I run when she's basically in charge of my money? How can I run when the woman who left me outside on a deck for three hours while going 52 miles away to get groceries... raised me? I can't find any support groups anywhere near here for emotionally abused black sheep children of narcissistic mothers and enabling fathers...
Luckily, I have a biological family in Utah who accept me for who I am and understand my situation. But they still think my parents are nice people who just don't know how to deal with me. Argh, it's so frustrating! frustrated
I was always, always, always taught in church that family is the most important thing, but what about family that constantly treats you like crap and convinced you that you are? What about family who don't give a rat's a** about how you feel and use your secrets as weapons against you?
Ugh, I'm sorry. I just had to rant somewhere because nobody here listens.
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Best people have or love pets?

Everybody has some good in them, no matter how small. But I can't help but notice that all the truly good people I know either love pets or have at least one pet that's well taken care of. I mean, you must be a good person if the pet you have is happy, healthy and showing how happy he/she is. And what good person can completely ignore the begging eyes pets tend to make without inwardly d'aww-ing? innocent
I mean, you don't see evil people holding a hamster while brutally killing somebody, right? Sure, there was that movie where a serial killer was lovingly holding a little white dog while he carried out his crimes, but that's just in Hollywood movies. Or even if such a guy existed, he must have some good in him to take time out of his life to care for and love a somewhat high-maintanance animal such as a dog.
There are even surveys that show that people who have a pet to take care of are good. Some study showed that people who are cat-guardians tend to be a little more honest. Similar studies say the same thing for people who own all kinds of pets. I'm not saying everybody who has a pet is a good person. But those people who not only have pets but take care of them have good in them.
Why do people have pets? I believe it makes people feel good to have a living thing to count on them and need them. Pets give a kind of nonjudgmental love and presence no human could ever give. You give them love, they give it back tenfold. Care for them, and they make the home a better place for you to come back to every time you go somewhere such as work. They have the amazing ability to make anyplace a home. For example, a homeless dog can be content and happy anywhere as long as it's with his/her pet-parent.
I am a proud guardian of two wonderful cats, one six years old and the other eight to nine weeks old, and they both give such great joy and laughter into my apartment. Sure, they occasionally fight, but what family doesn't have disagreements here or there?
High five to all the pet-owners out there. Because you're awesome. teddybear
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Walking home in cold Idaho rain.

Oh, my goodness. I am one rain-soaked person. yawn
This is my first blog, please bear with me.
I was with a friend, who is helping me make my cosplay for Fantasy Con in Salt Lake when it starts pouring. Of course, I didn't think anything of it because I'm inside and away from it. But then the person who was supposed to be my ride decides to take a big, long man nap before my friend took her daughter to a ranch where she works. Now I can't go anywhere. Then I got stupid and decided to walk home because I didn't want to disturb anybody. One half hour later, I'm in the library drying off. How did I not remember that the rain here feels like a cold shower in the middle of winter? doh I'm almost dry now, but man. Now I know how a wet cat feels. It sucks!
Sorry this blog may be short compared to most blogs on this site. Gonna take a big nap... sleep
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