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Best people have or love pets?

Everybody has some good in them, no matter how small. But I can't help but notice that all the truly good people I know either love pets or have at least one pet that's well taken care of. I mean, you must be a good person if the pet you have is happy, healthy and showing how happy he/she is. And what good person can completely ignore the begging eyes pets tend to make without inwardly d'aww-ing? innocent
I mean, you don't see evil people holding a hamster while brutally killing somebody, right? Sure, there was that movie where a serial killer was lovingly holding a little white dog while he carried out his crimes, but that's just in Hollywood movies. Or even if such a guy existed, he must have some good in him to take time out of his life to care for and love a somewhat high-maintanance animal such as a dog.
There are even surveys that show that people who have a pet to take care of are good. Some study showed that people who are cat-guardians tend to be a little more honest. Similar studies say the same thing for people who own all kinds of pets. I'm not saying everybody who has a pet is a good person. But those people who not only have pets but take care of them have good in them.
Why do people have pets? I believe it makes people feel good to have a living thing to count on them and need them. Pets give a kind of nonjudgmental love and presence no human could ever give. You give them love, they give it back tenfold. Care for them, and they make the home a better place for you to come back to every time you go somewhere such as work. They have the amazing ability to make anyplace a home. For example, a homeless dog can be content and happy anywhere as long as it's with his/her pet-parent.
I am a proud guardian of two wonderful cats, one six years old and the other eight to nine weeks old, and they both give such great joy and laughter into my apartment. Sure, they occasionally fight, but what family doesn't have disagreements here or there?
High five to all the pet-owners out there. Because you're awesome. teddybear

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I do agree with you. I am also an animal lover. I have a bull terrier, and 5 parrots and a rottweiler. My animals are wonderful and I love them to bittswave
Ohh, adorable! love Rotties are so cute despite being slobbery. There is a really friendly one across the street from me named Princess. And five birds, wow! Birds are so pretty.
yay Being the adopted one of a female cat now some 12 months, she has allowed me to feed her, shelter her and I get the full wrath in cat talk if the wrong food..but overall we get along just fine. roll eyes
Ive 3 parrots,2 budgies and a jack russel called "sprinkles" em all...Maisy (orange winged amazon) has a daily squawking session which is so loud it hurts ones ears,,normally lasts about 20 minutes,i have co codamol on standby....pets are nicer than many humans in my view,unconditional love.....Au conversingroll eyes crying professor
I have had cats in a long life, but now I am without any, because I had to let my darling Miss Sophie go last May. She was a very sick kitty. But I have two cats that visit me where I live. They come and give me some hugs and purrs and I get so happy. I am not sure if I want a new cat, since I liver alone and don't have anyone close to take care of it if I go away, but still thinking about how to make this happen. I really miss my kitties. I want a new one, but I can't.sigh I have a friend with 5 dogs that I meet often, but I am not a dog person, I am a cat person.yay teddybear hug
Although I agree with your op in general I'm not sure you can be completely sure on someones character just because they love their pets, next time you see film of Hitler relaxing at the Eagles Nest keep an eye out for his dogs uh oh laugh rolling on the floor laughing wine
I wonder if there's such things as better people.
Probably we are just acting as good as we can regarding the situation we are facing and the education/background we've got.
Often we consider our pets as an extension of our property with no or less regards to each species/individual needs.
If we really love (and respect) our animals we should open our golden prisons doors...Same is true in any love matter
Hi Clone and welcome to the blogs.wave

This is a well written blog with a lot of thought going into it. Currently, I don't have any cats or dogs but I do have squirrels where I live and I feed them daily. I don't think they will become friendly like a cat.laugh
My dog died a horrible death.

Was I good person when he was alive and am I now a bad person because I don't have a pet?

I guess you're tapping into my bereavement guilt and anger here. Sorry for getting narky, but your OP appears judgemental and inaccurate to me. dunno
Toby is in August two years.
This cat has me totally trained.
He is really manipulative. Never will jump on the bed or an you.
He wants something then he comes to your chair or bed on his hindlegs and lets you know this way he wants something from you.

Had three red cats at one time.
I was asked why are all your cats red. Well I told them, they colour better with the carpet.

Had a few dogs too and would love to get another. Where we live we can only have small dogs and I would love to get a Golden Retriever this time.

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