RE: Forget Arnold Schwarzenegger

wow wow
uhm..... can this guy shave?

Arnie was here in SA very recently and I had the opportunity to meet him and yes,.... this guy is way way bigger

RE: On-Line Loving

Hi Cat,
Just yesterday I was sort of stunned by this "dr MO" , I think the name was.
He did not even bother to flirt first lol...
I just received this text saying " I am ready for a mistress and will pay handsomely",.
I just started laughing and said "not for sale"laugh

RE: A Private Zoo?

You should have come over for a cuppa cool

RE: A Private Zoo?


Hou asb net 4 jariges van jou Zoo af weg asb.

Long time no see. Hope the holiday was awesome.

RE: An Eye For An Eye

Hi Cat,

Just imagine all the job opportunities for the innocent and willing applause

RE: Dating someone who has children

I have two Daughters who aren't interested in a father figure at all. We are very close and my eldest is self supportive. I would like my partner to know and understand that I am not in it for the money or any of the sort. I just want a partner for me and to share interests and have mutual respect for each other and my girls do not have a problem with that. In fact, the reckon I am the scarred one. I am self supportive as well and don't need to depend on anyone. BUT most men think of women's kidz as baggage or creatures as was mentioned previously which makes this difficult for any woman to find it difficult to find the right partner. So therefore, I am in no hurry whatsoever roll eyes

RE: Back after a long break


RE: She Is No More!

Hi Cat,
Good on you and sis.

This is bullsh!t that innocent people get scammed and taken for a ride. I too was conned and cant believe how people can be this nasty. A young girl asked me if she could have a lift to work and back each day seeing we live in the same area. She does not have a license and I agreed to help out for a few months. She paid her gas money which by the way is just a drop in the bucket of what I have to pay monthly. Today being the 10th already and I am still waiting on last month's payment. She has also moved closer to work last weekend so therefore I needn't have to give her a lift anymore. I confronted her and now must hear that she wont be paying as she has paid in advance every month which is not the truth. One month she conveniently forgot to pay and I let it go as she is young and I don't think the salary is all that good. I'm not really going to hassle too much about it seeing she is a colleague but I do believe in karma. Every dog has its day right?

Have a good dayhug cheers

RE: My Only Vice!

Hi Cat
He was trying to smalltalk to you too. Obviously feeling guilty for taking up some of your time, but did not really know what to say so he thought of the first thing that came to mind which was just stupid. And in doing so...managed to take up more of your timedoh

RE: Egyptian Flu

Heya Cat,

Yip, a girl opposite me in the office has this flue and its driving me insane..
Her mood swings, temper tantrums, cravings and hot flushes seem to get get the better of her and I was wondering if an old fashioned proper hard SLAP wont cure hercool

RE: Rejected By The Devil!

Hi Cat,

At least the peeps here on CS loves you lol.laugh hug

RE: Ruling From The Grave.

Jip, that is a good question but on the other hand...back in the day, Solomon did not have phones, p.c's ext... and could spend time with the wives. And as from my side, thank goodness you would not have to worry about a mother-in-law.
But on a more serious note Cat,... maybe be is the right one for you. You both care for each other, that's obvious. Give it some thought and don't let a good chance slip away. Time to break down that wall maybe.?
Anyhow,, have a stunning day.

RE: Ruling From The Grave.

Oh my!! I forgot about the leap year thing, which means it could workblushing

RE: Ruling From The Grave.

More se,

Sounds as if you could find yourself in a predicament. laugh

PICK ME PICKE ME!!!!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

(ek stop net nie kouse nie)grin

RE: dating older women

My daughter may just get jealous should I have a younger partnerlaugh

No thanks, cool

RE: Trust + Laughter, lead to > Ecstasy x 3

what great job you have cool

RE: The Last Farewell?

Hi cat,
Ja, lanklaas gesien.

Maybe this is a matter of """If you love someone, set it free".etc

Your feelings may run deeper than you care to admit and you might be scarred

RE: Does Honesty Still Mean Anything?

My mom always said "If you can lie, you can steal and if you can steal, you can kill" So yes, I detest lies. And I hate my kids lying to me..It hurts and makes one feel that you're not good enough or you don't matter that much. wave

RE: I'm Looking for Pretty Women

pick me ! pick me!rolling on the floor laughing laugh tongue

RE: Is old fashioned romance dead?

Yes, technology has taken away the romance and it is rather sad. As for me, for a first date would obviously be at some public place like maybe a baseball game or tenpin bowling. Just to see how the date reacts and his behaviour etc...

RE: Speedway


RE: Are You A Dog Person or Cat Person?

Definitely a dog person. My fav is in one of my profile picshead banger

RE: My Death ...David Bowie

A great performer he was indeed.

Truly a sad day for me.

R.I.P Davidsigh

RE: The frog blog

Green happens to be my favourite colour applause



A lot of Humpty Dumty's around lol laugh

RE: Black Velvet

love this song!! brings back good memories lol...

RE: lol

typical malesdoh

RE: Cats Are Funny lol

Oh they are cute indeed., but I am more of a dog personroll eyes

RE: I Told You So

Wonder what santa's gonna leave under the tree for me ? roll eyes Ps. Iv'e been a good girl....promise!

RE: A Quick Dip In The Shark Pool


I started wondering what happened to you.

Bekommerd begin raak..

Anyways, welcome back and take it easy cheers

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