I'm Looking for Pretty Women

dancing I'm looking for Plenty of pretty Women, . . cheering smitten cheering smitten

They Must be Good Looking, Quick Witted, and Great in Bed, . .
They should Enjoy Household Events such as Cooking, Cleaning, Mopping, and making coffee

They should be well heeled in Outdoor sports also such as; Grocery shopping, Lawn Mowing, pickup truck washing , and walkin the dog cheering

Extra Important, . . they must Never, Ever talk Back, . .and allow me to do all their thinking for them, . .at All Times (Non Negotiable)professor

All Interested ladies should leave their Resume, phone number, and most recent Scantily clad pictures, . . in Comments Below applause

I will get back to them, at my earliest Convenience, . . ok? cool
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Thank you for your prompt application, Dream Catcher, . .Now, . .can you tell me just a little bit more about yourself? before we commence with the other Interview Requirementsdancing
Looks like you missed the bus back to the future Mr. Jester.doh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I missed the bus, train, and plane, . .and now i'm stuck here in the CS twilight Zonedunno

How do i get back? , . . . pretty lady? dancing
pick me ! pick me!rolling on the floor laughing laugh tongue

You are on the wrong site. Your post belongs in the "joke" section!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
you descripe me comlpeet rolling on the floor laughing at least the 1e and the 3e line
the second line and the rest iam the compleet oposite rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Ok Karinacheering

You get to be in my Harem dancing
Jim, . . . Who's Jokin? dunno
Well, Frecklescheering

Since you're good lookin, Quick Witted, and Great in Bed roll eyes

I guess I can work with you, on the rest of it, over time professor
I'm sorry,but I don't like at all about your Blog....this is not fear at all,in this way you get all the women into you harem and we other men here are going to be empty handedscold

Sorry instead of fear should be fairdoh

What a tosser.

That's why the really nice women stay away from this website.

Could put an awful lot more, but unpublishable.
barraco we all here on the blog are very nice woman scold its not nice to say we are not .scold you don't even now us

here's one..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Embedded image from another site
I also do interviews, before you get to experience how awsomely amazing I am in every room of the house.

Please list your credentials, and at least four verifiable references, and I will take a look at it when I get some time off from my fulltime awesomeness.
Sorry Rplf, I hated to break it to you this way, . . . dunno

But, I reckon the reason women are so scarce on CS and forget about ever getting back to guys like Barnacle, are because I have scooped most of them up cheering smitten smitten cheering , . .

and they just don't want to let go professor
yes crazy, now that you mention it,. . I remember her, . .
she was the ONLY one that got away, cause she liked Mr. Barnacles Better confused

But, I can't publish what he did with her, doh . .because i'm a Gentleman, and we are in Mixed Company angel
Darlin Miss Molly, . . . smitten

Did i dancing here you mention something about, . . E V E R Y , . . .room in the House doh

I reckon,. . you might just be M Y , .K i N D A , . .Girl cheering

Where do you want my references Sent?, . .and are ya sure that just 4, . . is going to be Enough dunno
Wow aJester22 :) I could fit some of the criteria, but I just couldn't stop talking back...lol tongue rolling on the floor laughing conversing :) good luck with the search! cheering
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