My 1st join in Tahura Forest Archery Tournament

Taman Hutan Raya - TAHURA..the name of a conservation forest in Bandung area,
is an integrated conservation area between secondary nature and forest..

Alhamdulillah..Be grateful to have the opportunity to be there last Sunday at an eventForest Archery Tournament

As a newbie in Horse Bow Archery, this experience was .adventure , excited, and fun, ..
met with many senior and expert people in archery of course improve and add my knowledge
peace heart beating

Previously I enjoyed walking in the forest to go up or down the mountain,
but this time it was the first experience going through the forest and archery ...teddybear

That's my sunday.. how with your sunday.. wish you all Joyfull and happy too

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story from 2.958 m.dpl to Gede Mountain

sometime I enjoy do do it.. and, im lucky that my friend in the office offering to joined them on this trip.
.. i know, that i'am not young anymore...
but.. with all my confidence, i joined..

... tired,.. of cource yes.. , imagine that i should pickup my carrier by myself with no porter.. the bag size is same bigger with me :

But after you get the top of the mputain, .. you well meet paradise in the front of you.. so.. your tiring will payed full love let's go to enjoy the natural sceenery...
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Trip to Inner Badui

Feel the pleasure of oxygen levels that still abound, greeting the local wisdom and the simplicity of our brothers in Kanekes, better known as the Baduy tribe ..

Amazing.. walking no less than 4 hours, with the contours of the land that is sometimes steep climb, accompanied by rain falling to complete the road conditions are increasingly shalala .. clay and cling to the footwear ..
and.. they are walking with barefoot..

Bamboo-roofed houses with palm-fringed, bamboo-braided bridges of fibers, rice barns, .. they synergize with nature, use the gift of the universe into a great masterpiece ..

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