new Artist and fmaily memeber of omarion Ishmael

i also recognizes that with my new solo career coming soon new responsibility, but that iam up to that challenge, especially since it gives me more control over my music...

(I co-wrote five songs) for the real omarion because I feel like it is important to be involved in your writing. I want to write about topics that are personal and at the same time reach fans so that young people can really understand where I'm coming from....

i have emerged as a visibly older artist. While my latest video, also entitled O, showcases me as a sexier man transitioning into adulthood, my new image should not disturb any of his omarion fans and fmaily of his b/c we happend to look alike ...

I look at his fans and fmaily most of them grew up with me. Back with B2K, they were the same age as us. It's not necessarily that I want to be looked at as a new artist, or family memener of tereal omarion but, I just want to be respected as being younger brother and not a kid anymore iam a person so respect me male and female...
It's been hard to grow up in the industry and have people accept it. b/c of who iam or happend to look like.. but I didn't really know. Now that I'm maturing and I know about holding hands. I know about being intimate. I really know about some things and I have to tell the people ...
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