all men are not created equal!

scold some men are polite and others are unrespectful. i consider myself mature and polite. i know there are alot of guys out there that just as mature. so please if you are not one of those men. grow up! you are messing things up for us. that is probably the reason i don't get replies or is it not?rolling on the floor laughing
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Well yeah, could be. . Lolgrin
you answered your own question, you jerk. stop thinking anyone is interested in Mr Nice, women will just see you for the loser you probably are.
ya, i agree, i prefer polite guy, lol
a comment from a guy with big muscles and no brain! grow up!rolling on the floor laughing
most women want manners and politeness but what they really want is a drop dead gorgeous guy to sweep them off their feet so mabie you should change your look or something cause nice guys finish last...............lmfao
I disagree op; they are not messing anything up. Air head party girls, or the girls gone wild types like these type of guys; the good women like a real man and that means more to meet. So arrogant self absorbed guys, keep doing your thing,
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