Is that the mysterious three dimension ?.

Hello to you all,
Today´s post is related with these new touching screen devices. Why all this thing about touching screens fitted with a PC withing itself. Why all this thing about 3D?.
Can software be three dimensional, as far as I know software is nothing but a bunch of written lines. Yes they are the same as you see right here in this blog, but instead of been coded by a browser, they are coded by a low layer software,
Low functions software works with 0, 1, this is somehow the machine operative system, higher functions exchange 0,1, so as to form a longer string 1,0,1,0,1,0 this string is coded by a upper function software 1,0 = b, 1,1 = l, 1,1,1= o 1,0,g = g, thus you have “ blog”.
When the blog appear withing the browser itself. Well is not that easy, but I hope that help.
Going back to three dimensional devices, you all know that a flat screen is to pretend one of them, since faces are flat everything much.
What about to put a three dimensional face into a three dimensional device ?, and why the touching feature.
Concerning the touching thing we may need our arms and fingers when the screen will no longer be on top of a table, it may be floating in the air. Have a look at this:

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Thats deep..How-ever in the not so distant future They will tell you that it is Nano Alien technology...? Im affraid not.Its demonic technology remeber the tree of knowlage..?you just reminded me 3-D entities are 3-D is what crashed in rosewell but it was purpose and it was interdimentoinal spirits not interplanetary..
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