Man belong to God

There are so many people that do not believe in God and that they don,t know God.
God created man and woman and gave life to them,so man and woman belong to God.
All humankind belong to God.
Men has gone so far in rebellian and in sin that they don,t want to know God,so Evil deceives them with wrong and bad thoughts and so they don,t want to believe in God.
Who gives life to them,who love and bring goodness to them ?
Surely God loves and bring goodness to them.
God is Love and is Good, therefore they must go away from evil and wrong thoughts and bad thoughts and come to believe and know God. without God is no solution.It is all kinds of suffer and destruction.
Man need believe and know God,so obey God and love God with all heart..,and love his neighbours as himself. This will help him to get saved from sin and from evil.
So read bible and learn,start with new testament .
So God is our Parent,so you belong to God. God will lead you to all Truth and gives you life and things
you need.There is no happyness without God, with God is all happyness..!
Learn to love and be wise,love and wisdom and power you find in God .

God bless.

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