Doing good helps you,doing bad ruins you

Are you listening Truth or false?
can,t you understand that doing good helps you and bless you,doing bad ruins you .
God gives life in you that you are to do good and not to do bad.
doing bad is from evil.
Doing good brings happiness,make life grow stronger and bless you.
So do good in any thing and you become part of Good.
You are created to do good and not bad.
So why you don,t do good then ?
Don,t be misleaded from evil to do bad ,do good and that is what you belong :to be good.
When you do good all creation watches you:those that are good loves you, those that are bad hates you.
So can,t you see how important is doing good ?
Therefore choose doing good and you are progressing.
God bless.

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i like sport,i like tenis playing and other playing.
i like wisdom of woman, peaceful woman and Beautiful woman.
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