Can anyone see past what a person looks like?

I am not 5'9" and 120 pounds, but I am caring , considerate, a good listener, I have a big heart but, I am a larger woman. Today alone I had received messages from men and when they asked for my picture that was the end... I have a great personality and have been told I am fun to be with. Don't judge this book by its cover... give me a chance and get to know me.
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5 9 120? that's hot.
Hi newyorklpn! Welcome to the bloggers community of CS!
Know what? I think the best way is to just post your picture on your profile! This way, ppl will not have expectations other from what they see!
I'm sure you're a wonderful woman! And not all guys like skinny ladies! Trust me on this one! Be confident! Be happy! Be yourself!
Take care!
i second that we would love to see a picture its a good way to get attention

I have thought sometimes, how perfect love could be if we were all BLIND... and surpass the visual,

but then again......

even celebrities and beautiful women get cheated it is not a matter of shape and size. It's a matter of character.
well I can.

I'd date the world's ugliest if she can love me and not the beautiest if she can't ....
Guess what! We have so much in common..I am also NOT 5'9" or 120 pounds. Plus all that other stuff...but thats probably were it ends.
I am 6ft tall and build like a Sherman tank, but I am still a sexy, attractive woman, dammit!!
In my time here, I have had many contacts from men who have never in their lives considered a plus size woman romantically, through whatever pre-concieved ideas, but thought I was sexy/fun/attractive or whatever, and wanted to get to know me.
I dont want to disolusion you, but if you don't feel confident enough to have a pic on your profile here, the men will smell the fear, honey. And then it doesnt matter how tall/short/thin/fat/attractive or not you are, or whether you are a good listener.

I can give you the name of a website where you will be worshipped like a goddess simply coz you ARE a larger woman...there are men out there who love ...and just between you and me, some of them are here too!!
So post a picture already!!!angel
Hey there... I know exactly where you are coming from. I, too, am a big woman. I keep getting "you're hot", "wow, you're beautiful"....but that is about as far as it goes. It's okay for a man to be "big"...but us full-figured girls are rediculed! I am tired of it. Personality is what it is all about and what is on the inside counts. Keep your head up and you will find someone. That is just it - give us a chance and get to know us! We are worth it!!!
I first met this man to babysit his son during the summer months.My son and his son were the same age, and I had taken the summer off. We went to his apt. we talked and talked for hours. the kids played along with my daughter. He was a little heavy and not my type. Next day, I got the job but the kids were not working out. Months later he called and we started dating and he became the love of my life.

My son always dated a shorter girl, a little not so overweight. I really liked his girlfriend,but he married a 6' girl and He is 6 'one". Still can't see it. She's not his type so I thought, but they are still married after 7 years.

I knew a girl that was in a wedding and her partner was overweight ,big time and doing drugs. He was in looooove with her and asked her out. She said,lose weight and get off drugs. He did and they were narried two years later and still are.
Don't give up and you'll meet someone when you least expect it . Good luck. Holly
Stick a current photo up, ppl c what u look like and if they wana know more they will, if not so what...while its easy to talk to anyone on here without knowing what they look like etc, alot of ppl still put value on physical attraction, having said that different ppl like different ppl, if you feel uncomfortable here putting a pic up, i'm sure theres alot of bbw sites that will also cater for u grin
Hi newyorklpn wave
Im not small so i know how you feel, but i did meet someone very special here, he's a great guy and he likes me just the way i am.So handing in there, if guys dont email you back, be glad you know what they are right off the bat.
Keep Trying and Good Luck.
cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering cheering
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