I used to think of myself as a poet, A cunning tongue for lustful ear, Now all I see is perversion, A screaming child in shallow mirror, Two halves of the same equation, The light inside, now smothered flame, Serpentine image, a s*xual creature, A damaged whore, with packaged blame, I used to be me, my children's father, With loving thought and righteous word, Before this self induced confusion left me, With spiteful greed and hope absurd, I can not fix this problem, A breakdown seems to stain horizon, With tears I soak this page, Afraid of death, and mortal wizen,I have heard your words, although they sounded rehearsed and insincere, I paid attention; I listened, and wasted some of the possible best minutes of my life. You were see through faded, had me twisted up and super jaded, I was lost and out of my mind, I thought if you do what you wanted to do, I would go out and seek the truth, lessons learned and scars to show where I have in fact played with fire, and on my own knees I begged for truce. You did not listen, you had no mercy upon my heart, break me, take me, ravage my body and again forsake me, is this life, as what I have come to know. In my journey I search for truth and wonder…is this pain I feel, a secret punishment that I so desire. The book of life and truth warns of chasing whores and staying up till the crack of dawn, as idle hands are the devils tools, often wondered is what I believe, my morals my tools for my own salvation, is it just the work of clever story tellers leading fools, a book written to control, and now you have the same power over me, I have hope in you so you now have control over me?
-Blinded Fool,
Charlie 7-2-10
Hope you liked my poem...lol just twisted words I jotted down one night when I did to much thinking, mixed with to much drinking...lol fun times I suppose. If you Like my profile say hi cause believe it or not I am kind of a shy guy till I get to know you and may wanna talk but just dont know how to say hi, then watch out lol.

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you really got a poet in you my dear,well versed,deep insight you have and nice words you use on your poem..hope to see you at the poet corner and keep writting,it will help to bring out more in you...wonderful poem sir,,see u out at poetry cornercheers handshake
I appeciate your props...thanks, I was gonna write u and thank u personally but u have guys in my age rage blocked lol...and as an Ametely understand that
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