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What is the essence of retaining 'goodness' when you always get the reverse?
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So you mean, if you always get "badness" from other people, you will discard your own "goodness"?

If it was like that, then I must have had many "badness".

And it depends on the "reverse" too. Is it the real "reverse" or it is just a false appearance? Sometimes people hide themselves very deep, so we can not distinguish.
Ask if you should allow others to control whether you retain your goodness. Goodness shouldn't be a synonym for doormat. Misguided intentions of doing the noble thing by ignoring shabby treatment can lead to angst such as this. If nipped in the bud while it's smouldering, you wouldn't be on the verge of spontaneously combusting. professor laugh
That's an interesting question I asked myself a few times.
I think there a difference between living 'in reaction'of others actions and living according to your personal style.And the latter is more rewarding for yourself in the long run and among other things helps keep you cool when everybody looses their temper.
I can understand your disappointment when you are being good but get the reverse.

But anyway, what do you want in return when you are being good?

If you are good to somebody but feel that that somebody is not good to you, try to talk to him / her. To decrease the misunderstanding.

Hiding your dissatisfaction will only put more difficulties on the road. And that is not honest.

If I am good to you, that is not because I want that you are good to me in returen, that is because I hope you are good.

Don't be frightened by my style. comfort
kerry in my opinion its the people you pick that is the problem.
not the fact your trying to be good.
give your good deeds to the nice women, not the mean ones.
thats my advise.
Do not get me wrong on this one but I can sympathise completely with your position so hear me out.

If you need other to be good to you in order for you to be good than you are not as good as you think you are.. It is being good in the face of adversity that sets us aside from the crowd. It is not doing bad even when we can get away it and nobody is looking that makes us truly good.

Read Aristotle, it can be very illuminating on the subject
Kerry03..KARMA.It knows no time
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